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An HD video surveillance system can deter theft and help protect your expensive rental equipment.

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Video Surveillance for Equipment Rental Security

Equipment rental businesses are a great help those who need to do construction or agricultural work, but don't need to own the machinery year-round. But with such expensive equipment being rented and used off-site, how can you ensure your products are safe?

How to Deter Equipment Rental Theft

Installing a video surveillance system at your equipment rental site can help deter theft in two ways.

First, your camera can capture video of anyone who attempts to break into your shop. HD cameras can be used for facial recognition, making it easier for the authorities to identify and locate criminals. This is a common application for surveillance systems.

Second, you'll have video proof, along with the rental paperwork, of every person who rents equipment. Even if they try to claim the equipment was damaged, or broken, or they never took it, your surveillance video may help prove otherwise. This may help lower your store's rate of complains and disputes over equipment.

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