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We are experts in building custom video surveillance systems for companies and facilities belonging to the entertainment industries with a focus on security, public safety, and crowd control.

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Video Surveillance for Entertainment

Video surveillance is an important tool for providing security in the entertainment industry. Gatherings like concerts and sporting events often draw large unpredictable crowds that require high security in order to keep both audiences and performers safe.

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Benefits of Video Surveillance for Entertainment

In situations where so many people are congregating in one space, it’s difficult for a security staff to keep physical watch over an entire venue. But with a proper video surveillance setup, cameras can monitor the entire scene, allowing the staff to respond swiftly to disturbances and suspicious activity. In other facilities, such as museums, security cameras can be used to monitor crowds and also to prevent theft of valuable works. New IP network technology is improving the effectiveness of video surveillance, helping to bring enhanced security to the entertainment industry in many areas, include the following:

Crowd control – Large crowds can get testy. It takes a strong security effort to maintain order so the spirit of an event isn’t overshadowed by violence and disruptive behavior. A video surveillance network can play a significant role by providing security workers with clear views of the action, and the ability to focus in on specific scenes and individuals.

Safe entry and exit – When a hefty mass of people gets together for an event, entrances and exits can get bottled up with everyone trying to get to the same place at the same time. Video surveillance around these areas helps in lessening the impact of interruptions and disturbances for those coming and going.

Building/venue security – Surveillance cameras monitoring restricted access areas can help to ensure that only registered guests and staff members gain entry to specific areas of a facility.

Theft prevention – The presence of video surveillance can cut the odds of theft, be it from outsiders or employees, by deterring thieves and capturing them in the act.

Easy installation – IP surveillance cameras don’t require complicated cabling networks. The cameras can be mounted anywhere, and send feeds over the internet, making video surveillance more flexible and effective than ever before.

Remote access – An IP surveillance system with an NVR (network video recorder) enables security cameras to stream video over the internet. Security workers can monitor footage and control cameras remotely from any location.