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MSU Enlists to Design 29MP Security Camera System for Davis Wade Stadium

April 11, 2013

Mississippi State University’s football stadium attracts thousands of die-hard fans every game. Controlling a crowd of this size has been an ongoing challenge for management and security personnel at Davis Wade Stadium, due in large part to the absence of surveillance cameras.

To curtail student fights and other unruly fan behavior, Mississippi State University teamed up with The company’s IP video experts carefully evaluated MSU’s security needs, IT requirements, and business objectives to determine the best possible surveillance solution for that type of environment. After reviewing the layout and size of Davis Wade Stadium, felt confident that a 29-megapixel Avigilon HD camera would yield the right amount of image detail needed to identify disruptive fans. is an Avigilon Certified Solutions Provider with advanced proficiency in all Avigilon products.

Avigilon’s 29-megapixel network camera captures exceptionally clear images from a great distance, making it ideal for high-traffic installations such as arenas, stadiums, and parking lots. Armed with one of the highest megapixel ratings on the market, the Avigilon camera is powerful enough to pinpoint one person out of a crowd of thousands and reveal identifiable facial features. Avigilon’s 29-megapixel camera received high praise from the stadium’s staff. “The 29-megapixel camera was able to take a great shot, and then we could go in afterwards to pull out one person from a crowd of 5,000 to 6,000 people. It’s incredible,” said Dale Robertson, Mississippi State’s Visual Service Coordinator. Four Avigilon cameras are now installed outside the press box, covering more than half the stadium. provided in-depth consulting and technical support before, during, and after the camera installation was complete. Robertson was impressed with’s professional approach and virtual integration service: “They helped us across the board. always put us in front, and always got back to us on every question we had.” The stadium’s heightened security efforts will not only increase safety, but also save time and money on hiring additional personnel. By deploying an IP network surveillance camera system, Mississippi State University is able to easily expand the number of cameras in the future.

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