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CommunityCam, a New Safety Initiative Sponsored by, Maps Portland-Area Security Cameras

March 22, 2013

CommunityCam (TM), a publicly accessible crowdsourced camera mapping tool created by, is gaining fast momentum in the Portland, OR metropolitan area. The goal of CommunityCam is to provide local citizens and law enforcement with the tools necessary in the unfortunate event of a street crime.

Should a person become a victim of a crime, he or she can use CommunityCam to check for nearby surveillance cameras that may have recorded the incident, and then report the location of that camera to the police or ask their neighbors for help. hopes that Portland's law enforcement community will regularly use CommunityCam to identify cameras close to the scene of a crime.

"We are very excited to be launching CommunityCam, because we know that when public and private surveillance cameras work together, there is a better chance of catching criminals and righting wrongs," said Josh Daniels, President and CEO of

Presently, no other online map has successfully documented security camera locations in the Pacific Northwest. With CommunityCam, the public will have an additional – and valuable – resource for collecting video evidence.

To date, CommunityCam has amassed over 2,000 outdoor cameras in the greater Portland metro area. Mapped camera locations include businesses, schools, city property, or any camera visible from public property. CommunityCam is intended to benefit a broad number of people, including cyclists, runners, and walkers, who are vulnerable to hit-and-run accidents. Fortunately, CommunityCam will give these groups the power to know where cameras are located, so they can plan safer, monitored routes in and around the city.

Since its release in Portland, CommunityCam has received coverage in regional publications such as The Oregonian and the Columbian as well as on Portland's favorite bike and running blogs. Because it's so easy to view and map cameras using the CommunityCam tool, expects to see it expand on a national level. Philadelphia, Seattle, and Las Vegas are three other major cities with growing community participation.

As a firm believer in building safer neighborhoods, has made the CommunityCam a free website for anyone Internet access. Using CommunityCam is easy:

  • Visit CommunityCam
  • Navigate the map, clicking the blue balloons to zoom in on areas of interest
  • Click the red camera icons to see camera location details
  • First time users will be prompted to submit their email addresses. Once logged in, the camera will show up on the map for the public to see.

CommunityCam is a trademark of, a virtual security integrator that specializes in the design and configuration of custom IP video security camera systems. Established in 2008, the Portland, OR based company provides professional quality security solutions to customers throughout the USA and worldwide. As IP video and security experts, the company's sales and technical support staff maintain advanced training certifications from leading IP video manufacturers including Axis, Mobotix, Milestone, Panasonic, and Sony. The company provides security solutions to customers large and small, from thousands of residences and small businesses, to large corporate and governmental organizations like Harvard University, Xerox, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lockheed Martin, US Postal Service, and NASA.

Start using CommunityCam today: CommunityCam

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