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PORT OF ST. HELENS worked together with the Port of St. Helens to design and install a powerful outdoor security camera system with HD resolution

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The Port of St. Helens’ former security camera system was outdated and lacked the level of surveillance technology needed to properly secure the marina and RV park, two of its most trafficked areas.


To safeguard the marina against vehicle theft and vandalism, proposed an HD wireless surveillance solution.


With revamped security efforts, the Port of St. Helens improves public safety for port and marina visitors while also saving boaters time with a live video feed of the marina.

Customer Benefits
  • Protects against vandalism
  • Real-time video of boat ramp prevents overcrowding
  • Increased level of public safety
  • Deters criminal mischeif
  • Amplified secuirty for entire port
An HD Wireless security camera system provides round-the-clock coverage of port and marina
Port of St. Helens Sees Need for Enhanced Security

Situated in Columbia County, Oregon, the Port of St. Helens is a recognized Port Authority spanning 2,600 acres and encompassing a marina, campground, ample RV/car parking lot, and multiple industrial parks. The Port had its first surveillance system installed in the year 2000, but the outdated design and lack of modern-day camera features were no longer effective or reliable. With poor image resolution by today’s standards, the 14-year-old security cameras were unable to capture clear video of the Port’s two most crowded sites: the parking lot and boat ramp. In the event of a car theft or vandalism, it was virtually impossible to identify an individual or a license plate number. The Port of St. Helens was also unable to alert boaters of real-time marina traffic, which as a result, would lead to long and congested boat ramp lines. These two pressing concerns propelled the Port’s decision to begin looking into a 24-7 monitoring solution for the marina and RV parking lot.

Port of St. Helen’s Planner Scott Jensen reected on the decision to upgrade the Port’s surveillance efforts: “We wanted to protect the marina, make it a better facility overall for the public. And with vandalism being an issue in the past, we wanted to take incremental steps to reduce it.”

Strong Technical Expertise Offered by

The Port of St. Helens required a security integrator with strong technical expertise and a proven background designing surveillance cameras systems for wide-open areas. What drew the Port to was its responsiveness and full implementation service offering. immediately stepped into full gear, providing a complete project assessment of the port’s unique security requirements and rural location in St. Helens, Oregon. “We knew what areas we wanted to cover — the parking lot and the marina — but you guys gave us that technical expertise we were looking for,” said Jensen. sent an implementation coordinator to the Port of St. Helens to conduct a thorough walk-through and audit of any perceived security threats that would impact camera placement. Strategically deployed cameras above the parking lot facing the exit and entrance would be key to capturing license plate numbers of all port and marina visitors. The implementation coordinator, along with a team of IP experts, then created a plan for the substantial project, and determined that a wireless surveillance system with HD resolution would be the answer to tightening security. The Port of St. Helens was an ideal candidate for wireless surveillance due to the high cost of trenching in many outdoor settings. In wide open spaces such as parking lots, running network cables long distances can be virtually impossible.

“Originally we looked at three security integrators, but ultimately your company was who we went with — you helped us make the right decisions. also had a good appreciation of what we were doing for our community,” said Jensen

Versatile Wireless System Provides Reliable Remote Coverage

The wireless video surveillance system features Optica security cameras, including the B204M 1080p HD outdoor bullet, DV204M vandal-proof dome, and an 18x zoom PTZ speed dome. All impervious to harsh weather elements, these cameras provide year-round outdoor surveillance.

Optica B204M outdoor bullet, DV204M dome, and PTZ speed dome help protect against vandalism and theft.

The Optica B204M bullet is an outdoor camera, offering true day/night vision, full 1080p HD resolution, a motorized varifocal lens, and a heater for temperatures down to -40F. The vandal dome camera also comes with full HD resolution and wide dynamic range, enabling broad coverage of the parking lot and well-defined video detail. The powerful 18x PTZ speed dome is a vandal-proof outdoor camera with a 360-degree pan, making it a perfect fit for monitoring large open spaces such as the marina and RV parking lot.

The centerpiece of the wireless surveillance system is an NVR with Milestone’s intuitively designed “XProtect” video management software platform, which allows the Port to record video for up to 30 days. “The network video recorder from provides a ton of storage,” notes Planner Scott Jensen. With the help from technical support team, the Milestone video management software is configured to record on motion in the RV park, capturing license plate numbers as cars enter and exit.

The system is designed with professional wireless equipment, enabling the Port of St. Helens to record video over long distances. With wireless transceivers and omni-directional antenna, the Port of St. Helens can successfully receive HD video from cameras installed all around the Port property. Provides Implementation Support and Training

Throughout the project implementation, the technical support team at set up the Milestone NVR to meet the Port of St. Helens security and operational needs, handling all aspects of system configuration. The implementation team oversaw the installation of all cameras, server, and wireless components, including the transceivers and antennas. To ensure a successful project hand-off, the team provided extensive end-user training in Milestone’s video management software so the Port’s staff would feel confident operating the cameras’ settings, recording schedule, and video search features.

The Port’s wide open spaces require wireless surveillance due to high costs of trenching.
Tackling Theft & Vandalism While Also Providing Live View of Marina

With the new system in place, the marina and RV area of the Port are safeguarded against a host of threats like vehicle theft, vandalism, parking lot aggression, and more. “We haven’t had any issues with vandalism since the cameras were installed,” said Jensen.

Notably, the Port collaborated with local law enforcement, who helped provide funding for its upcoming online video project. The project, slated to launch in the fall of 2014, will provide the Port’s website visitors with live video feed of the marina’s launch ramp and parking lot. By viewing video in real time, boat owners will have a much better idea of the launch wait times. Online video of the boat ramp is expected to reduce the number of complaints and prevent boater aggression and confrontations in the parking lot. “Once it’s up on the site, fishermen will be able to see the trailer parking lot and decide if they should go to a different place to launch their boat,” explained Jensen.

The Port’s reliable security blanket of high-tech video surveillance cameras has already increased public trust and safety. Jensen and his staff have been tremendously satisfied with the results of the newly installed HD surveillance cameras, saying “I know they have incredibly high deterrence value.”


  • Monitor marina, parking area, & boat ramp
  • Deter car theft & vandalism
  • Enhance public safety


  • Ports
  • Marinas


  • Public Safety
  • Property protection
  • Parking lot monitoring


  • May 2014
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