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A national fitness franchise, Planet Fitness recruited to design an indoor/outdoor HD camera system for 24-7 monitoring of the 21,000 square foot gym in Beaverton, Oregon.

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National Fitness Chain Enhances Security with


Planet Fitness is a popular fitness franchise with several hundred locations across the nation, including one in Beaverton, Oregon. Soon after the Beaverton location opened, the franchise owner felt a gym security system was needed to ensure operations ran smoothly when he was offsite.


In response to Planet Fitness's needs, and its team of IP video experts determined that a HD surveillance system would deliver the best results.


The HD IP cameras reinforced member safety and site security, especially late at night. Additionally, the surveillance system served as an effective platform for observing customer-employee interactions and staff productivity.

Customer Benefits
  • Allows for Remote/Mobile Viewing
  • Theft & Vandalism Deterrence
  • Building & Property Protection
  • Remote & Mobile Surveillance
The Optica cameras provide round-the-clock coverage of key areas within the gym.
New Planet Fitness Location Seeks Full-Time Monitoring System

Dubbed the Judgment Free Zone®, Planet Fitness is a nationally recognized fitness franchise known for its relaxed, no-pressure gym environment. The success of the gym can easily be attributed to the several hundred franchise locations across the U.S., each attracting a solid customer base.

The Planet Fitness location in Beaverton, Oregon operates out of a 21,000 square foot facility, and features a large exercise floor, fitness classrooms, and tanning booths. The front entrance of the club is designated for membership sign-ups and other various member services. In addition, members receive access to an amply sized outdoor parking lot to park their cars while working out. Unlike many local gyms, Planet Fitness operates 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, so members enter and exit as they please.

Without a security camera system, the club was vulnerable to a number of threats, such as parking lot theft, vandalism, abuse of machines, or employee-related issues. Another issue was the owner's inability to monitor club activity offsite. These were just some of the factors that influenced the need for surveillance cameras. Franchise owner Tanner Halton recalled his decision to invest in a security system: "It was just common sense to get a security system for the gym."?

Planet Fitness Turned its Attention to

Tanner Halton, owner of the Beaverton Planet Fitness, began searching for a security camera integrator to design and install a video surveillance system for the gym. Halton selected for the job due to the company's fast response time, product knowledge, and its genuine interest in helping the club build a safer, better secured environment. "I was really impressed by's responsiveness"? he noted.

The IP video specialists at provided an in-depth assessment and security audit of the building's interior and exterior, making recommendations on what typeof system would work best to achieve Planet Fitness's goals.

The system recommended by included a mix of indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor vulnerable areas of the gym, including the parking lot, front desk area, and back entrance. To capture detailed images of the gym and parking lot, designed the system to incorporate full HD IP surveillance cameras. Full HD 1080p resolution was a desirable feature in this type of setting for identifying important detail such as faces and license plate numbers.

The club's owner was satisfied with the specifications of the system, and the green light was given to move forward with the installation. " actually came out and did an overview of the gym and made recommendations that took into account what I wanted to see on the cameras."?

Optica 1080P HD Cameras Served as Centerpiece of the System

Planet Fitness's video surveillance system was designed to deliver measurable results. Optica 1080p HD cameras served as the linchpin of the system, offering a multitude of features for Halton to harness as the sole user of the system. With full 1080p resolution, the cameras produced exceptionally clear images.

Five of the Optica D204M cameras were installed inside the building to provide dependable, round-the-clock coverage of key areas, specifically the front desk, hallway, and exercise rooms. The D204M dome has excelled at monitoring large indoor spaces due to its wide field of view and unobtrusive design.

The Optica D204M and the DV204M deliver high-end features like a wide dynamic viewing range, digital zoom, and low sensitivity to record images at night. The cameras wide field of view captures wider show, resulting in a better view of what's being recorded

Along the perimeter of the club, pointed towards the parking lot and backdoor area,were two Optica DV204Ms, both equipped with a vandal and weather resistant enclosure. Beaverton, Oregon is known for its rainy climate so the need for true outdoor cameras was essential. If the parking lot were to experience a car theft - which it later did - the cameras would be less susceptible to tampering or destruction by criminals.

To complete the system, configured a network video recorder to store, manage, and view video. Built with 1TB of storage space, the NVR allowed Halton to search recorded video if a criminal act was caught on camera.

Technical Support and On-Site Installation Added Instant Value

Like most clients, Halton took advantage of the installation and technical support services offered by While oversaw the camera installation, it also provided remote virtual integration services to ensure the cameras were configured correctly and that Halton was able to utilize his network recording device and mobile monitoring app. " took care of everything, it was great,"? said Halton.

The IP specialists ensured that the surveillance cameras were correctly focused and positioned in each location in order to capture the level of detail needed make positive identifications. was there throughout the installation process, making certain that the cameras were ready to do their job of monitoring the facility 24-hours a day, rain or shine. Technical support was also made available, which Halton depended on when learning how to view video on his smartphone, a much-needed feature for Halton when traveling offsite.

The Optica cameras provide comprehensive views of the facility's interior and exterior, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Surveillance System Delivers Myriad Benefits

The Beaverton fitness club experienced positive results with the HD camera system, such as observing employee interactions with gym members. "The cameras were really helpful. I could see how my employees were acting in front of customers and their body posture, which was important because I didn't want them slouching."? This information has helped him better manage his facility offsite and identify employees who aren't meeting expectations.

Another benefit of the system is that it monitors the parking lot at night. Shortly after the system was installed, a car theft was recorded by one of the outdoor cameras. Halton immediately handed over the recorded footage to police, who used it in their investigation.

The cameras have also caught members abusing the gym's tanning booth rules. After gaining this knowledge, Halton trained his staff to pay closer attention to individuals using the tanning booths. On a couple of occasions, Halton witnessed more than one person entering a tanning booth, a clear violation of gym policy. A camera was installed outside the tanning room for a clear view of the person entering and exiting the room.

Owner Tanner Halton can see multiple camera views at once from his mobile device

On top of that, the HD camera system has given Halton the power to monitor his business remotely. Overall, Halton was extremely pleased with the efforts put forth by "Your team made everything so simple."?


  • Protect Building & Assets
  • Monitor Employee Productivity
  • Prevent Theft & Vandalism
  • View Facility Offsite


  • Gym / Health Club


  • Operations Monitoring
  • Theft & Vandalism Deterrence
  • Building & Property Protection
  • Remote & Mobile Surveillance


  • January 2014
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