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Paradise Harley-Davidson® Dealership recruits to deliver a cost-effective IP video migration solution to strengthen security and reduce liability.

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Paradise Harley-Davidson Dealership Upgrades Existing Analog System to IP Video


Paradise Harley-Davidson® (“Paradise”) is a 30,000-square foot dealership located in the heart of Tigard, Oregon. Up until recently the dealership’s showroom, sales floor, service department, and employee offices were monitored by a 12-camera CCTV system, which did not support some of the more modern security features like remote viewing and high-resolution video.


Paradise enlisted the help of to upgrade its existing analog camera system. After conducting a thorough site audit and comprehensive needs assessment, unveiled an IP video migration plan that would provide remote viewing and recording accessibility, HD video resolution, and the flexibility to add more IP cameras over time.


The company’s CCTV camera system was upgraded to IP video technology and expanded with two new HD 1080p indoor surveillance cameras. By migrating to an IP video system, Paradise was able to keep all of its existing CCTV cameras. With the addition of remote accessibility and incredibly detailed video footage of the sales floor and showroom, Paradise has become better insulated against theft, business liability, and customer service issues.

Customer Benefits
  • Remote accessibility from laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Clearer, better detailed video to monitor high-traffic areas
  • Reduces business liability
  • Enhanced operations monitoring
  • Keeping existing cameras saves money
After a complete evaluation, it was determined that an IP video migration plan, including the addition of two new HD security cameras, would deliver the results that Paradise Harley Davidson needed to combat theft and monitor store operations.
Paradise Harley-Davidson Sees Need for Better Security Features

Located in Tigard, Oregon, Paradise Harley-Davidson is an established dealer of Harley Davidson motorcycles, parts, and apparel. Boasting a vast selection of Harley Davidson products, Paradise has made an indelible mark on bike enthusiasts as well as the community where it maintains a prominent presence. Whether it’s a Tuesday morning or a Saturday afternoon, Paradise is always abuzz with passionate bikers and first-time riders.

With its customer base growing on a daily basis, Paradise’s management needed a way to watch over the show room and sales floor from multiple locations, including many areas of the building or remotely while offsite. The company’s digital video recorder lacked up-to-date recording technology, including limited viewing capabilities that were confined to one screen monitor in one office. As a result, Paradise’s management was not able to view live video from any other area of the store.

Another limitation of the CCTV system was its inability to support HD cameras. Highresolution video is essential to capturing the level of detail needed to identify a suspicious character or a thief. Switching to network HD video would be the first step in capturing higher quality images, an essential component to identifying suspicious activity. Teams Up with Paradise Harley-Davidson

Paradise Harley-Davidson was faced with the persistent threat of shoplifters, as well as the occasional liability claim regarding an alleged in-store injury or accident. To improve security, Paradise commissioned’s team of IP video experts to revamp its existing CCTV camera system.

The team performed a thorough on-site security audit at Paradise to better understand the current system and the company’s technical requirements. After a complete evaluation, it was determined that an IP video migration plan, including the addition of two new HD security cameras, would deliver the results that Paradise Harley-Davidson needed to combat theft and monitor store operations. “Your team provided a complete solution - and that’s what we needed,” opined General Manager Mike Durbin.

The migration plan allowed Paradise Harley-Davidson to keep all 12 of its CCTV cameras thanks to a video encoder that converts CCTV to IP video. By taking this course of action, Paradise was able to add two new HD cameras to its system. Two Optica HD 1080p cameras were recommended, and then installed inside the building to monitor the tiled showroom floor. Leveraging its knowledge and experience in IP video integration, determined that placing HD cameras in a high-traffic area would be critical to ensuring the highest level of security while also saving Paradise money in the long-run.

Video Encoder and Smartvue NVR Facilitates Easy Transition to IP Video designed a cost-effective IP video solution comprised of an Axis M7010 video encoder, two Optica D204M HD cameras, a Smartvue HD NVR, and a PoE switch.

The Axis M7010 video encoder is a 16-channel device, enabling Paradise to migrate its CCTV system to IP video. Unique to the M7010 is the high resolution quad view that it offers. The encoder also comes with a numerous intelligent video features like video motion detection and an active tampering alarm.

Rich with features, the Optica D204M HD 1080p surveillance camera is an excellent fit for a retail establisment like Paradise Harley-Davidson.

Rich with features, the Optica D204M HD 1080p surveillance camera is an excellent fit for a retail establishment like Paradise Harley-Davidson. The powerful, yet sleekly designed Optica camera produces exceptionally clear images with rich detail, perfect for identifying anything suspicious or unusual. Built for flexible installation, the D204M is also outfitted with mechanical zoom for an easy and hassle-free set-up.

To view, record, and manage its upgraded system, Paradise now has a Smartvue HD NVR to replace the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), complete with remote viewing functionality, 20 camera licenses, and free Cloudvue smartphone apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. “It’s nice that it replaces the DVR TV set that we had before, which ran 24-hours a day up here,” said Durbin, referring to the DVR in his office. Provides Ongoing Installation Support has helped Paradise every step of the way, providing ongoing installation support and technical assistance. At the on-site security audit, the technical team assessed the wiring and building specifications to design a fully integrated and scalable IP video solution.

The IP video tech experts at pre-configured the entire system, including the Optica HD dome cameras and Smartvue’s HD NVR. The team also set up remote access so that Paradise’s owner would be able to view all 14 cameras on his smartphone.

The Optica HD cameras were mounted on the ceiling rafters to get a wide shot of the front of the building. Since the IP system is powered with PoE, only one network cable is required to complete installation, making it flexible and easy to get up and running. set up remote viewing for Paradise Harley-Davidson owner Mike Durbin, who now has the power to watch live footage from all 14 cameras right on his smartphone.
Flexible IP Video System Offers Convenience and Better Security

The switch to IP video has been a smooth and flawless transition, allowing Paradise Harley-Davidson to keep all of its existing cameras while still improving security. The upgraded IP surveillance camera system is also scalable, meaning it can support more cameras as the business grows.

Paradise Harley-Davidson’s owner Mike Durbin has the power to check in on live video from anywhere and utilizes this feature often, saying, “If I’m with my family, I can still check up on the shop. It’s great.” With Smartvue’s free mobile viewing app, Durbin can also make certain store operations are running at optimal speed: “Are we serving our customers, are we paying attention to our customers? I can look at the video on my smartphone, and make a call right away if I need to.”

As a result of the upgraded system, Paradise is able to reduce liability by monitoring live video streams or examining recorded video footage of an incident. This gives management the ability to take better control of the situation. Finally, catching shoplifters before, during, or after the fact is critical to lowering retail shrinkage.

“You guys really took care of everything - that’s what I needed as someone who runs a business,” says Durbin.

Remote access now allows Durbin to easily monitor his shop from anywhere, even while on the go.


  • Increase in-store security
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Monitor customer flow
  • View live video off-site


  • Retail


  • Analog to IP Video Migration
  • Loss Prevention
  • Remote & Mobile Viewing
  • Operations Monitoring


  • May 2013
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