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An up-and-coming beverage manufacturer seeks HD surveillance to comply with state laws and oversee business operations.

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Beverage Manufacturer Implements HD IP Video Surveillance System


Mirth Provisions, a manufacturer of legal cannabis beverages in Washington, needed to comply with the state’s video surveillance regulations in order to sell to consumers.


A custom-designed IP video surveillance system was installed in the 8,400 sq ft facility, complying with the state laws and also giving the owner the power to oversee the production process remotely.


Mirth Provisions met all surveillance regulations and received a state license from the Liquor Control Board of Washington.

Customer Benefits
  • Complies with Washington State Regulations
  • Enables owner to monitor operations & production while offsite
  • Protects against outside threats
  • Ensures safety & productivity of employees
Mirth Provisions needed full video surveillance coverage at all ingress and egress points.
Manufacturer Sees Long-Term Benefits of Video Surveillance

Operating out of an 8,400 square foot manufacturing facility in Longview, Washington, Mirth Provisions produces a unique cannabis-infused beverage while complying with Washington’s video surveillance regulations for businesses in the marijuana industry.

The installation of video surveillance cameras inside the building has allowed the owner to effectively monitor day-to-day operations from his home in Vancouver, Washington. Prior to the installation of an IP video surveillance system, the company’s owner neither had a state license to sell to consumers, nor the ability to monitor the production line while off-site. Because of the special way the beverage is produced, checking in on production on a regular basis is absolutely essential to guaranteeing a quality product. At a retail price of $10 per bottled beverage, keeping an eye on the security of the building and the productivity and efficiency of employees is not only smart, but necessary.

In order to begin producing and selling its product, Mirth Provisions had to comply with a strict set of surveillance and safeguard rules enforced by the state’s Liquor Control Board (LCB). Although Mirth Provision crafts and bottles a beverage that contains a small amount of THC, it is still by law considered a marijuana grower, and therefore was required to meet the following regulations to receive a state license:

  • Install an IP-based video surveillance system with multiple cameras
  • Obtain a network video recorder capable of storing video for up to 45 days
  • Install cameras at every egress and ingress point and along the building’s perimeter
  • Record video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Cameras must be able to capture identifiable activity up to 20 feet away
Mirth Provisions is Referred to

Referred to by a business associate, Founder Adam Stites inquired about a surveillance system that would fully meet the terms of Washington’s Liquor Control Board’s security regulations. As soon as Stites got in touch with the team at, he felt confident that he had chosen the right security integrator: “You guys were just great from the start,” he recalled.

What set apart from its competitors was its ability to design a system that would meet every rule established by the LCB. Not only would the cameras need to record clear video from a long distance, but they would require a network recording device with a long-term storage capacity to save video for the specified number of days. “We were in constant communication, and that’s what I needed,” he said.

The IP video specialists at carefully reviewed the video surveillance system requirements mandated by the state of Washington, and immediately set out to complete the project proposal. The team began with a consultation to understand the exact technical and security requirements of the Liquor Control Board of Washington, and most importantly, the customer — Mirth Provisions.

The company’s manufacturing facility received a full security audit to determine the number and ideal placement of IP surveillance cameras. recommended certain camera locations to optimize the view of the building to help Mirth Provisions pass the LCB inspection, and in turn, be able to clearly monitor the production process to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, the IP video specialists created a detailed camera placement map and worked with Stites closely to make certain that all areas were fully covered. “We approached with specs of what we needed, and your team came back with a full proposal. You worked with us closely when we were going back and forth with the LCB.”

The video surveillance designed for Mirth Provisions consisted of high-end Optica HD surveillance cameras
Comprehensive IP Camera System Designed for Mirth Provisions

The system built by was comprised of multiple high-definition IP cameras. A total of 19 IP cameras from Optica were included in the system along with an NVR complete with multiple terabytes of storage and state-of-the-art Milestone video management software to control the cameras, view live video, and scroll through recorded video as needed.

Optica’s HD camera’s advanced features made the brand a perfect fit for Mirth Provisions, as it needed IP cameras to record clear detail from several feet away. Designed with 1080p HD resolution, the Optica cameras also delivered other benefits such as wide dynamic range to record in unfavorable lighting conditions; tamper detection; day/night visibility to see accurate detail in extremely low-lit environments; and a vertical view function to optimize the picture of vertical spaces such as corridors and hallways.

Milestone’s XProtect Express video management platform was recommended by to manage and view the entire system of IP cameras. Considered the hub of the system, Milestone software provided Mirth Provisions the exibility and ease of use to review video as needed, see multiple video streams at once, scroll to particular times and dates in a matter of seconds, and control key features within the actual cameras. The Milestone mobile monitoring app is incredibly convenient for viewing business operations from a remote location. “I view video on my iPhone and laptop regularly,” said Stites when asked how often he takes advantage of the Milestone app.

Once Mirth Provisions is at full production capacity, Stites intends to view the video surveillance system at least once a day from his phone, especially since he’s based in Vancouver and the manufacturing facility operates out of Longview, Washington. Vancouver, Washington is roughly a 45 minute drive from Longview, so being able to view live video from a phone has saved the owner an inordinate amount of time driving to check in on the facility in person: “It’s nice because I live in Vancouver, so I can just use my phone to view how everything is going.”

Camera Configuration Services Provided to Optimize System Performance believes in the importance of end-user training, which is why the IP video specialists made certain that Stites was fully armed with the knowledge to operate his security camera system. The technical support team was responsible for walking Stites through the video management software and configuring all the cameras to make them remotely accessible. “Your team showed me how to operate hard drive recording, navigation through the software, log in, and so forth,” Stites stated.

What’s more, worked closely with Stites to complete a series of diagnostic tests to ensure the cameras were operating at peak performance. This was crucial, given the set of standards Mirth Provisions had to meet in order to conduct business.

Milestone’s intuitive video management software platform allows for easy video searches and live viewing
Meets Washington Regulations & Provides Operations Monitoring Benefits

Once the system was installed, Mirth Provisions worked with the LCB to ensure it met all regulations and received a state license to sell its product to consumers. While the video surveillance system was originally installed to meet LCB’s regulations, Stites said he intends to use it to also monitor operations as the business progresses. He plans to check in on production throughout the week to improve production quality control. “I view the facility from Vancouver, so I always want to know what goes on,” he said.


  • Monitor operations to ensure production is running smoothly
  • Meet Washington state security & safeguard regulations
  • Save time by monitoring manufacturing facility remotely


  • Manufacturing


  • Building & Property Protection
  • Theft Deterrence
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Remote & Mobile Monitoring


  • May 2014
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