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Optica HD surveillance system provides 24-hour security for public golf course to increase safety, protect employees,and prevent criminal acts.

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Golf Club HD Camera System Protects Staff & Facility


Located in Belle Mead, New Jersey, Mattawang Golf Club is a public golf course open to both club members and daily fee players. At the center of the course is a 9,000 square foot clubhouse facility and pro shop. Without any type of security infrastructure in place, the clubhouse was vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and "sneak-on" golfers who play without paying. Mattawang Golf Club approached to design a security camera solution to monitor their facilities & grounds.


After an in-depth consultation with, it was clear that an IP security camera system would provide Mattawang Golf Club the security and operational monitoring they needed. With Optica 720P & 1080P resolution cameras covering key locations like the pro shop and driveway and clubhouse entrances, they would be able to record ultra-sharp HD video for clear evidence of any wrongdoing. A Smartvue NVR was also recommended for video storage, camera management, and easy remote and mobile video access.


With their new indoor/outdoor IP camera system installed, Mattawang Golf Club is able to monitor customer traffic, capture vehicle license plate numbers, and hone in on any suspicious activity that occurs near or inside their clubhouse. Now the club managers can view both live and archived video from a PC, Mac or smartphone, making it easy to monitor operations while working on the golf course grounds or anywhere off-site.

Customer Benefits
  • Clear 720P & 1080P HD video of all persons & vehicles entering the golf club
  • View live video from PC or Mac at home and anywhere on the course via smartphone
  • Improved security for employees, golfers, and guests
Mattawang Golf Club Seeks Clubhouse Surveillance

Mattawang Golf Club is a verdant playground for golf players of all skill levels. Situated in Belle Town, New Jersey, the 18-hole public golf course caters to members and guests alike. All players have access to Mattawang's 9,000 square foot clubhouse and pro shop which remains open year-round.

Prior to working with, Mattawang Golf Club did not have any security camera system in place. The club's Maintenance and Security Manager, Richard Lyman, identified five primary issues he needed addressed with a new camera system.

For indoor monitoring of the clubhouse, recommended the day/night Optica D104 Dome Camera. Delivering 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second, the D104 produces clear images of every person who enters and exits the facility.
Driveway Views

The driveway leading to the clubhouse needed round-the-clock surveillance, particularly during off-hours and at night when the facility is closed. Anyone who stole from the clubhouse or vandalized the property most likely entered and/or exited through the driveway. Installing a high definition camera with a good driveway view would identify criminal vehicles and license plate numbers to provide to police.

Off-Site Monitoring

With at least one managing member out of state, remote accessibility was a highly desirable feature. A solution with surveillance cameras that could be viewed over the Internet, from a PC or smartphone, would be of tremendous value to the management team.

Sneak-on Golfers

Most public golf courses have had their fair share of sneak-on golfers. Mattawang Golf Club had no consistent way of catching these offenders since the club house counter attendants were not always able to monitor the areas on the far side of the parking lot where golfers could park and enter the golf course. By installing outdoor surveillance cameras, management would be able to monitor cars entering the driveway, and other vulnerable areas that aren't always manned by an attendant. In addition, a front entrance camera would enable management to capture video and identify faces of anyone entering and exiting the clubhouse.


Mattawang Golf Club's management team felt there was a pressing need for indoor and outdoor video surveillance to better protect their grounds, patrons, and employees. They were also concerned about the area's high transient population, another potential threat to the club's safety.


Another threat to the club was theft and shrinkage. The pro golf shop located within the clubhouse showcases thousands of dollars worth of equipment and golf club accessories. To prevent shrinkage, at least one video surveillance camera would be needed to monitor activity in the retail area and provide clear facial shots of every shop visitor. Introduces Mattawang Golf Club to IP Video Technology

Mattawang Golf Club initially contacted based on its wide selection of cameras and security products. However, after speaking with one of's IP video experts, Mattawang Golf Club understood they needed a complete solution and became interested in's complimentary Virtual Integration Program (VIP).

For outdoor surveillance, recommended the Optica B204M HD Bullet Camera. With sharp 1080p HD resolution, the B204M can make out license plate numbers and faces from a distance.

After carefully analyzing the layout, size, and IT requirements of Mattawang Golf Club, recommended a cost-effective, high-performance IP security camera solution that would work best in that environment. also educated the club about features inherent to IP video technology such as Power over Ethernet, Remote & Mobile monitoring, and HD image quality. At the end of the consultation, Mattawang Golf Club had found exactly what it was looking for – a versatile video HD surveillance system that could be easily accessed over the Internet. " really introduced me to IP video technology. I liked the fact that IP cameras work off a single network cable as opposed to requiring additional power supplies – It's just incredibly convenient."

Optica B204M and D104 Deliver Outstanding HD Image Quality

To monitor the indoor entrance area of the clubhouse, recommended the day/night Optica D104 Dome Camera. Delivering 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second, the D104 produces clear images of every person who enters and exits the facility. Two D104 cameras were installed; one above the clubhouse entrance door and one facing the entrance counter. Equipped with IR LED illuminators, the D104 is able see objects and figures up to 25 meters away in complete darkness. Other prominent features include Tamper Detection and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for high detail images in changing light.

For outdoor surveillance, recommended the Optica B204M HD Bullet Camera.With sharp 1080p HD resolution, the B204M can make out license plate numbers and faces from a distance, a feature essential to providing evidentiary quality video to police after a security incident.

Two B204M bullet cameras were installed on the roof, one focused on the driveway entrance and the other on the maintenance facility. Armed with an IP66-rating and built-in heater, the B204 is impervious to weather conditions like rain, snow, dust, and wind. It's an excellent choice for unpredictable outdoor locations that require day-and-night surveillance in possibly low temperatures. As with all Optica Dome Cameras, the B204M also comes with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), IR LEDs to see in pitch-black settings, and Tamper Protection.

Smartvue NVR for Smart Camera Management, Plug & Play Remote Viewing designed the club's camera systems based on a Smartvue NVR server, so that the club could view, manage, and record video from their Optica IP cameras. The system was set up to record video on motion, with settings individually configured for each camera.

By utilizing Smartvue's intuitively designed interface and smartphone apps, Mattawang Golf Club managers were able to tap into the camera live view remotely. Since one manager was over 100 miles away, remote access would be a critical component. By logging onto Cloudvue, a free service offered by Smartvue, they could look at live video as well as use its search function to look through previously recorded video.

The company's management frequently checks into the camera feed from their smartphones, thanks to the free mobile monitoring app offered by Smartvue. "It's really kind of amazing to view it on my smartphone… It's just so much better than the systems I've used before, it's just indescribable," said Lyman.

Installation - there Every Step of the Way

As a virtual security integrator provides a broad array of pre- and post-installation support services for customers, no matter where the project is located. Mattawang Golf Club took full advantage of this assistance, speaking with and its team of IP video experts on numerous occasions. Even with no prior experience installing IP-based security cameras, the club was able to successfully set-up their new camera system with the help provided by's Technical Support helped Lyman and his team every step of the way. "The easy part was having you guys walk me through the installation. The hard part was sneaking old wires through an old building…But once I got that taken care, we were all set. You guys made everything a snap."

Once the installation was complete, Lyman had some difficulty locating the NVR on the local network. But after a quick call to, the problem was resolved and Lyman was able to locate the IP and find the server. Mattawang Golf Club could now log into the Smartvue NVR and view live & recorded video without any issue. " provided the assistance when I was ready to flip the switch. They got me through it."

Expandable, High-performance IP Video Surveillance System

What's the advantage of deploying a surveillance system with PoE technology and HD image resolution? Lyman recounts his experience, "The range that I could train the cameras on and have a viewable picture was really spectacular. I needed a camera that could capture clear video up to 400 feet away – this system could do that. On top of that, the image quality is great."

Not only do Mattawang Golf Club managers have convenient round-the-clock access to video from anywhere, but this system designed by is scalable, so they have the flexibility to add additional IP cameras if needed at a later date.

For now, Mattawang Golf Club feels confident about its video surveillance system, and is impressed with the results: "What recommended was exactly what we needed."


  • Identify unpaid "sneak-on" golfers
  • Prevent theft in pro shop & golf facilities
  • Deter vandalism and trespassers
  • Monitor clubhouse, driveway, and other buildings


  • Recreation / Hospitality
  • Retail


  • Loss Prevention
  • Remote & Mobile Viewing


  • November 2012
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