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To achieve round-the-clock security, a successful auto dealership hires to build cost-effective IP video system with mobile access.

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Instant Auto Finance Teams with to Deploy High-Definition IP Security Camera System


A 5,000 square foot auto dealership, complete with an outdoor car lot, repair shop, and employee offices, Instant Auto Finance had no proper security measures in place for monitoring activity on the premises.

Prior to recruiting, a vehicle was stolen off the lot. To prevent another car theft, Instant Auto Finance decided to invest in a security camera system.

Additionally, Instant Auto Finance’s CEO and management planned to use the security camera system for observing employee behavior & efficiency, and customer-employee interactions.

Solution harnessed its own proprietary virtual integration and planning tools to propose an IP camera solution to Instant Auto Finance, including a compact, high-definition PTZ camera for monitoring staff.


Instant Auto Finance’s management has since kept a close eye on internal operations through a smartphone, owing to the indoor camera’s remote PTZ control functionality and user-friendly mobile surveillance app. The system has also assisted in determining the person responsible in an employee theft investigation.

Customer Benefits
  • Serves as effective management tool
  • Provides 24-hour surveillance coverage
  • Convenience & peace of mind with mobile surveillance
The centerpiece of the IP surveillance system is the Optica DV204M camera, built with high-tech features like 1080p HD resolution and a durable, weatherproof & vandal-resistant enclosure. These cameras are designed to withstand common conditions like wind, humidity, fog, rain, and light snow.
Car Dealership Vulnerable to Theft without Security Camera System

Instant Auto Finance is an Indiana-based car dealership and vehicle financing company located in Indianapolis. Before approaching, the company did not have a security camera system at its facility.

Following a stolen vehicle incident, Instant Auto Finance was ready to take action by safeguarding its car lot and indoor showroom with surveillance cameras. Without a security camera system, Instant Auto Finance had no real way to discourage theft or identify individuals attempting to steal from the company.

Instant Auto Finance was also in need of a monitoring system that the CEO could use on a regular basis to observe and assess employee conduct, including the sales team.

Jim Nace, Instant Auto Finance’s IT Director, was tasked with the mission of finding a video surveillance system capable of surveying the perimeter of the building and its indoor offices. One of the company’s primary objectives was to install a system that provided remote viewing functionality for management to use while away from the dealership.

The company opted for an IP camera system with PoE (Power over Ethernet) instead of traditional CCTV (analog) cameras. Fortunately, PoE camera systems are powered with a single network cable, eliminating the need for specialized installers.

Instant Auto Finance Recruits

IT Director Jim Nace set out to find a well-respected security camera integrator that had demonstrated experience in PoE camera systems. The company’s interest was piqued by reputable team of IP video specialists, who bring years of experience in designing high- performance IP camera systems for all types of companies and organizations.

Utilizing a bundle of virtual integration tools, the IP video specialists were able to determine the type of camera system that would work best to protect Instant Auto Finance’s building and property. This system included a PTZ indoor camera along with several outdoor dome cameras to provide high resolution images with identifying detail.

The virtual mapping tools enabled to pinpoint the most vulnerable or at-risk areas. It was through these tools that was able to identify the best camera locations. consulted with Instant Auto Finance about specific security camera features, and which of them would be ideal for meeting its needs. “We wanted cameras with high resolution and nighttime recording, and was able to recommend a system that had these features,” recalled Nace.

New System Provides HD Resolution, Day/Night Visibility, PTZ, & Mobile Viewing

The centerpiece of the IP surveillance system is the Optica DV204M camera, built with high-tech features like 1080p HD resolution and a durable, weather-proof & vandal-resistant enclosure. The DV204M cameras are designed to withstand common weather conditions like wind, humidity, fog, rain, and light snow. Other noteworthy features on the DV204M include a motorized vari-focal lens with remote auto-focus, wide dynamic range, and day/night vision with IR illuminators. Wide dynamic is a key feature that strengthens the clarity and detail of images even in the most adverse lighting conditions – an important component for identifying someone walking down a hallway or standing in front of a window.

The system’s compact PTZ camera can be controlled on a smartphone, providing convenience and peace of mind to the user. The camera’s discreet appearance is suitable for any indoor office space.

Eight Optica DV204M cameras have been installed along the car lot’s perimeter, providing full-time surveillance coverage, day and night. “The cameras have worked like a champ,” said Nace.

Reliable Virtual Integration Support

Thanks to’s virtual integration program (VIP), Instant Auto Finance opted for self-installation. This program is specifically tailored to self-installation projects, and includes a remote site walk-through, security needs evaluation, camera placement recommendations, network design, and video management guidance.

The VIP program gave Nace the confidence to perform a self-installation on his own without outside help from an electrician.

Throughout the duration of the project,’s team was available to provide technical support. “I’m glad tech support was there in case I needed it,” recalled Nace.

New IP Camera System Delivers Positive Results

The 10-camera IP camera system has not only improved security, but been a helpful mechanism for viewing employees while away from the facility. Just weeks after the system was installed, Auto Finance fell victim to internal theft. After some cash went missing, Instant Auto Finance carefully scrutinized recorded video footage during specific time frames to determine who the culprit was. Having access to recorded video will enable Instant Auto Finance to protect itself against similar incidents in the future.

The IP camera system has also proven beneficial for the local business community. Video footage taken from one of the outdoor cameras also captured a suspected robber from a neighboring business. The video was handed over the business owner, who then turned the footage over to the police to use as evidence.

Overall, Instant Auto Finance and their IT Director Jim Nace have been tremendously pleased with the system’s performance and features as well as the service provided by “The camera system was definitely intuitive to use, and that’s what we wanted. I’d recommend the company’s services -- the pricing and information they provided were great.”


  • Prevent vehicle theft
  • Track emloyee attendance and monitor conduct
  • View video remotely
  • Discourage internal theft


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  • Parking Lot Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
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  • August 2013
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