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An Illinois resident selects to customize a cost-effective home care wireless camera system to monitor his ailing mother.

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Residential customer Tom Kotek and his siblings were gravely concerned about the state of their elderly mother’s dementia. Living miles away from his mother’s home, where she lives alone, Kotek and his family members felt that the most effective way to look after her and keep her safe would be through the eyes of a wireless home care monitoring system. Kotek was tasked with the job of finding wireless cameras to monitor any changes in their mother’s condition.


With rudimentary knowledge in the latest IP video technology, Kotek began his search for a highly respected wireless surveillance integrator to fulfill his family’s needs. Of the few companies that Kotek researched, stood out for its extremely fast response time, wireless video expertise, and complimentary virtual integration program. Working closely with Kotek, determined that an indoor wireless 4-camera surveillance system would be the most appropriate and dependable choice for elderly care monitoring.


The system’s easy-to-install design paired with the ongoing technical support from has resulted in a dependable monitoring solution. As smartphone users, Kotek and his siblings can easily view and search recorded video “any time we want to see what she’s doing,” says Kotek.

Customer Benefits
  • Monitors mother when family is away
  • Holds caretakers accountable
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Mobile app allows for fast response times
Need for Full-Time Monitoring

Many grown children are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the care of their elderly parents. When an 85-year-old mother began showing signs of dementia, her family knew it was only a matter of time before her physical and mental state would put her in danger. Rather than place her in an assisted living facility, the family instead made the decision to use an in-home care monitoring system. This way the mother would still be able to live in her own home. At the same time, a monitoring system would give her family greater peace of mind that she was safe and out of harm’s way.

Due to the deteriorating state of their mother, the family felt it was necessary to monitor her movements day and night, as to ensure her safety and health. Living over 25 miles away from his mother, son Tom Kotek was especially interested in finding a solution that was capable of providing round-the-clock home care monitoring. Once the family agreed on what was needed, Kotek began its search for indoor wireless cameras.

After reading about wireless surveillance in a white paper published by, Kotek was eager to learn more. Unlike other companies in the security industry, was quick to respond to Kotek’s questions and address his concerns. These exchanges soon led to Kotek putting his full trust in and its talented team of IP video experts.

Determining the Best Video Solution played an instrumental role in planning and configuring the security camera system for Kotek’s mother’s home. The company carefully evaluated Kotek’s monitoring needs to build out an effective monitoring plan, making certain that it aligned with the customer’s budget and distinct needs. also reviewed the home’s layout and camera placement options to determine the best indoor solution for that environment. Another factor to consider for system design was mobility and size. The company’s IP video experts looked specifically at camera models that were compact, wireless, and out of the way.

Kotek’s objective was to install a camera system that would record his mother whenever she got up and out of her chair during the day. recommended a cube camera system with motion detection to provide the kind of coverage that Kotek was looking for, along with a plug-and-play NVR to view live and recorded video when he was not on site.

The wireless cube cameras are small and lightweight, but affix firmly to the wall where they can be seen in the kitchen, dining room, and TV room. Kotek is happy with their appearance and visibility to the onlooker, saying "They’re out there, on display. Everyone knows where the cameras are. One of the equirements of being my mother’s caregiver was being recorded by the cameras. We wanted to make sure that person was showing up on time and not leaving early, and the only way we could do that was with cameras."

Wireless 4-Camera System

Kotek’s 4-camera system is wireless and connects to the NVR, which is plugged into the home’s router. Two cameras are mounted below the ceiling in the kitchen to keep an eye on the back door entrance. Equipped with 1-megapixel resolution, the cameras are set to record on motion so that any bodily movement within the house is recorded in 30 second segments. "The wireless part was wonderful; it was the best thing I could have done because I don’t have to screw around with a bunch of wires."

In addition to offering wireless functionality, the 4-camera system is viewable on Kotek and his siblings’ smartphones, owing to a mobile viewing app that was built into the NVR. Kotek is extremely pleased with how effortless it is to view live and archived video from his smartphone. "I get up really early in the morning and can get right on my smartphone and look to see what time she went to bed the night before."

The mobile monitoring app has been an extremely important and useful tool for Kotek. On one occasion while Kotek was viewing live video on his Smartphone, he saw that there was an unknown male visitor in his mother’s home. He was able to react quickly, immediately calling his mother’s neighbors to go over to her house. It turned out that the unknown male visitor was not an intruder but a door-to-door salesman. Kotek was extremely grateful that he had his mobile monitoring app to witness the incident in real-time. "We had no idea who this man was," Kotek recalled. Provides Ongoing Installation Support

Prior to installing the camera system at his mother’s, Kotek set them up in his own home to familiarize himself with the wireless technology. To complete the set up, Kotek called in to’s technical support department where he received step-by-step installation and virtual integration support by one of the company’s skilled IP video technicians. "Your technical support team helped me set up each camera… it was great customer service and your team was incredibly patient with me."

Kotek then re-installed the cameras at his mother’s house, calling upon the expertise of the company’s technical support team once again. Again, each camera was configured separately to meet the WiFi requirements at his mother’s home. "You guys stopped what you were doing right away and helped me for over an hour to get each camera up and running," recalled Kotek.

Peace of Mind Never Felt Better

The wireless camera system has allowed Kotek and his siblings to check in on their mother wherever they are, 24 hours a day. Monitoring her has been convenient, as they’re able to see live and recorded video with a mobile viewing app. "I have some friends whose parents are getting to that age, and have asked me about the cameras and I tell them it how great they are. Even if you have kids, they’d be great for that too."


  • Residential Customer


  • Ensure mother’s safety & well-being
  • Keep an eye on caregivers & visitors
  • Save time by reducing back-and-forth trips to mother’s home
  • Install system with easy wireless set-up


  • Elder Care
  • Residential


  • Remote monitoring
  • Mobile Surveillance


  • January 2012
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