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Mobile HD Video Security System for College Bus Fleet

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Mobile HD Video Security System for College Bus Fleet chose a cost-effective center aisle camera solution, featuring the Mobotix Q24 PTZ

ecoShuttle is a premier transportation service that operates completely on biodiesel from waste grease. Serving Portland, Oregon, ecoShuttle offers earth-friendly transportation within the greater metro area, as well as to destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Among its fleet of sustainable shuttles are two charter buses that transport Lewis and Clark College students between downtown and the private university's campus in southwest Portland.

Mobile Surveillance

In effort to provide safe transportation while minimizing liability, Lewis and Clark mandates that vehicles are equipped with IP cameras capable of high quality, continuous recording.

If there is ever a scuffle between bus riders or other incident, video can prove what really happened. William Sampson, co-owner of ecoShuttle, summarized the need succinctly. "Pictures are a thousand words, when it comes down to a he said she said situation."

To uphold its contract with Lewis and Clark, ecoShuttle needed an easy to use video surveillance system that would capture high quality images and withstand the rigors of mobile surveillance in a bus environment.

Panoramic Camera Solution designed a cost effective system featuring a single Mobotix Q24 with vandal-proof housing installed in the center aisle of each bus. This rugged, compact 360-deg. fisheye-lens camera delivers panoramic, 3 Megapixel video of the entire bus.

The camera is powered by the bus battery through a cat5 cable that runs from the camera to a DC converter and PoE injector. The Mobotix Q24 features a built in memory card slot, enabling local recording to a MicroSD card.

Mobotix Q24 360˚ fisheye-lens camera with vandal-proof housing

The Mobotix Q24 contains no moving parts and it is equipped with an all metal encasing, protecting it from vandalism as well as bumps and jolts inherent to transportation.

What sparked my interest is to use just one camera instead of three or four"? said Sampson upon viewing sample video demonstrating the Q24's impressive 360-degree viewing capability.

A unique feature of this Mobotix panoramic camera is the ability to pan, tilt and zoom during playback of recorded video. Sampson was impressed with the Mobotix MXControlCenter recording & playback software, which enables him to see what is going on in every corner of  the bus from any angle.

To replicate the effect of four surveillance cameras, the fisheye video can be automatically split with the Mobotix image correction software into four quads facing North, South, East, and West. Using this function, one camera can monitor the front, back, and seats to the left and right all at once.

"It is simple and easy to use...I can't wait to play around with it more"? said Sampson about Mobotix's free recording software.

Utility & Performance

By simply plugging his laptop directly into the PoE injector, Sampson is able to automatically download video from the camera's on-board MicroSD Card. From Mobotix software's user friendly interface, Sampson can playback and search video and switch between display modes.

An added benefit of the Mobotix Q24 is built in audio recording, which may serve as additional evidence if ever there is an incident to report. "The audio is pretty clean, even with 60 people talking"? he said.

A key feature in improving security on the ecoShuttle was the ability to set recording schedules and motion detection, which ensured the camera was always recording when students were on board. worked with Sampson to set up the motion control, adjusting the detection window and sensitivity until it was set to automatically record when it detected unusual activity.

Sampson applauded our customer support, saying we were there to answer his every question. " has been absolutely great"? said Sampson.

William Sampson gets training on his new system from designed a single camera HD video security transportation solution for Lewis & Clark College to provide panoramic video coverage for the entire vehicle interior.


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Mobile Surveillance


March, 2012

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