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Time-Lapse Construction Video with an Axis HD Camera


Columbus, Ohio-based Advent Media has served the digital media industry for 30+ years by producing eye-catching videos and presentations for a diverse range of clients. Advent Media was given the opportunity to produce a promotional video highlighting the build-out of a low-income housing unit for one of its clients. The goal was to capture all phases of construction, from the housing unit’s foundation to its completion.


In order to create a time-lapse video of the construction project, Advent Media required a weather-proof HD 1080p camera with time-lapse recording capability. provided a complete solution based on the Axis P1346-E camera.


The camera solution successfully captured HD video and images over a one-year period, enabling Advent Media to produce a dynamic time-lapse video showcasing the construction of a multi-family housing project.

Customer Benefits
  • HD 1080p outdoor camera delivered ultra-crisp images in challenging climate
  • Live remote & mobile access to construction site video
Advent Media: Ohio’s Leader in Digital Media Production Services

For over 30 years, Advent Media has provided its clientele with digital media and creative services. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Advent Media specializes in corporate presentations, promotional videos, and website design services for a diverse set of organizations and businesses. In 2011, Advent Media was hired to create a time-lapse video segment for National Church Residences (NCR), a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing for senior citizens, people with disabilities, veterans, and former homeless families and adults. The video would feature one of NCR’s new multi-family housing units in Columbus. Recommends Time-Lapse Recording Solution

In the summer of 2011, Advent Media contacted in search of a HD time-lapse camera solution.

For this project, we suggested a weather-proof network camera capable of withstanding nine to twelve months of varied weather elements, all the while capturing clear and detailed images of the building’s construction in sequence several times per hour. performed a comprehensive review of the project before recommending a solution, evaluating image resolution needs, specific technology requirements (time-lapse recording capability), preferred installation method, and environmental challenges.

Advent Media needed a rugged, outdoor camera with high-definition (HD) 1080p resolution that could capture images and video of the construction of the building, from its foundation to its completion through time-lapse recording technology.

For this project, a weather-proof network camera would have to with-stand nine to twelve months of varied weather elements, all the while capturing clear and detailed images of the building’s construction in sequence several times per hour. For simplicity of installation, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) compatibility would be an important feature, so that a single network cable could provide both power and data connectivity.

After careful consideration of Advent Media’s unique project requirements, recommended the Axis P1346-E, an outdoor-ready network camera with time-lapse recording capability and 1080p HD resolution. “The camera specs were great, so we relied on to give us the right angle of view, which we then plotted-out and planned,” noted Steve Puffenberger, Advent Media’s Founder.

Advent Media partnered with and invested in the Axis P1346-E to capture clear footage of the construction project.

HD Resolution Paired with Low-Light Visibility

Equipped with a high-definition progressive scan CMOS sensor and an advanced image processing chip, the Axis P1346-E produces sharp images and video with exceptional detail, in both native 3MP and 1080P HD resolutions.

Low-light visibility is a key characteristic of the Axis P1346-E; the camera is able to record objects and persons down to 0.08 lux. This made it ideal for early morning and evening shots when the lighting was less than ideal or worsened by dark clouds and rain.

Rugged, Outdoor-Ready Camera Enclosure

In addition to providing time-lapse recording technology, the Axis P1346-E is certified with an IP66-rating to protect the camera from heavy rain and wind. This camera’s on-board heater allows it to operate in temperatures down to -40F, an important benefit over non-heated cameras that cannot handle freezing temperatures.

After careful consideration of Advent Media’s unique project requirements, recommended the Axis P1346-E, an outdoor-ready network camera with time-lapse recording capability and 1080p HD resolution.
Remote Video Monitoring

In addition to capturing images for the time-lapse video, the camera solution also provided live surveillance security to the construction site. After a brief IP configuration, the construction company had direct remote access to the camera’s live feed from their Smartphones and PCs.

PoE Technology Simplifies Installation of Pole-Mounted Camera

The Axis camera was installed on location in August 2011, with the last image captured in May 2012. To facilitate the installation process, Advent Media relied on its in-house team to set up an FTP and static IP address for the camera. The camera settings were configured to send a JPEG image to an FTP site at regular intervals. provided support for this process as Advent Media began to roll out the camera project.

The construction company already had a pre-existing utilities pole onsite to which the Axis camera was mounted. Advent Media was able to position the camera 30 feet in the air with a 4x4 piece of lumber secured to the top of the pole, so that the camera was raised higher to achieve a better downward viewing angle.

The Axis camera was powered with a single network cable that was connected to a PoE injector linked with the construction company’s on-site network, which ran through a large cable from an adjacent trailer. “At the construction site we got an Internet connection from Time Warner with a static IP address, since we authenticate our web server’s FTP based on the IP address.”

With the help of installation recommendations, a construction site employee installed the camera using a cherry picker crane. Once it was fully bolted to the pole apparatus and connected to PoE power, the camera began to shoot images of the site that would eventually be used in the time-lapse video.

To ensure the ideal field of view, Advent Media viewed the camera’s live video stream on a Smartphone while it was being installed on the pole.

High-Impact Time-Lapse Video Delivers

For over nine months, the P1346-E captured still JPEG images of the various construction phases, all of which were edited thereafter. Advent Media had configured the P1346-E to capture images between the hours of 6 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. In total, over 6GB worth of JPEG images were produced.

"I was very happy because I could tweak and maximize the settings to make it record on motion time-lapse. I could also tell the camera what days to capture images so that it wasn’t operating on the weekend," said Puffenberger.

To straighten out the various images for a high quality time-lapse video, Advent Media selected one picture from each day, taken around noon to keep the sun angle the same: “Time stamps on each file allowed me to select those quickly. Then one by one, I corrected the movement and exported them all back out to the timeline, and that’s what you see in the video,” he explained.

The Commons at Third building opened in July 2012 and was certified as a LEED building for its array of sustainable features. Advent Media’s promotional time-lapse video was released to the public to generate excitement and awareness about the building’s grand opening.

Overall, Advent Media was pleased with the expertise, service, and support offered by “Everything worked out very well. helped us select the camera, which was great. Definitely the next time someone asks me about surveillance cameras, I’ll recommend them.”


  • Capture HD images for Time-Lapse Video
  • Live View of Construction Site


  • Digital Media
  • Construction


  • Time-Lapse recording
  • Property surveillance
  • Remote / Mobile Surveillance


  • July 2012
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