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Upgrading from a slow CCTV system, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion can respond in real time to crowd issues, fights, and more.

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Premier Concert Venue Monitors Crowds
of 8,000 with HD Video


With sold-out concerts featuring crowds of 8,000 people, the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion needed an HD solution to record evidentiary video of altercations, unauthorized entry, and other incidents.


Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion upgraded to a high definition IP system using a combination of fixed and PTZ cameras from Optica along with leading Milestone XProtect video management software and a wireless Ubiquiti system.


Upgrading from an old CCTV system to an HD IP video solution, this premier East coast concert venue can now view camera feeds live, react quickly to any incidents, and export videos in minutes to hand over to law enforcement. The system has already been used in 12 police investigations, with many more pending.

Customer Benefits

  • Improves incident response time
  • HD resolution provides higher quality video evidence
  • Saves time & increased police investigations by simplifying the video export process
Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion installed HD cameras to monitor concert operations.

Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion Upgrades to Modern HD System

An outdoor 8,000 seat amphitheater set on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion is a premier outdoor setting for summertime concerts on the East coast. Nominated five times for Music Venue of the Year by the Academy of Country Music, the Pavilion features a large main stage for headline tours and a smaller stage for up and coming bands.

With parking lots, tailgating areas, overnight camping options, VIP lounges, vendor tents, and tens of thousands of visitors each year, security at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion faced a difficult task. Fights and altercations are a frequent concern, as are theft and other crimes. The old CCTV system struggled to produce quality video for law enforcement investigations, and the process of exporting those video files was time consuming.

During the winter slow season, they knew it was time to upgrade. With video evidence becoming increasingly popular to resolve disputes and press criminal charges when necessary, it was essential that a new surveillance system be installed that could handle the large crowds and growing security needs.

New System Features Fixed and PTZ HD Cameras

All Optica Cameras come with full HD resolution & WDR to enhance quality

Matt Desbiens, Information Technology Manager at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, reached out to for information on IP cameras to replace their current analog models. Director of Sales Rob Clemson responded to Desbiens quickly, and worked to create a custom-built surveillance system that would highlight HD resolution.

The system designed for Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion features two models of Optica cameras — the fixed bullet 1080p HD B204M camera, and the powerful P218Z HD PTZ camera. Also included in the system is a server with Milestone XProtect software and an Ubiquiti wireless system to connect the cameras over the large grounds.

Because they will need to positively identify suspects in the security videos, 1080p high definition cameras were used in this system. In addition, both Optica cameras feature:

  • WDR (wide dynamic range) for clear videos in challenging light conditions
  • Built-in IR illuminators for nighttime recording
  • Progressive scan to produce crisp videos even with fast moving objects.

Optica's outdoor cameras also come equipped with IP66-rated outdoor housings to withstand temperatures as low as -40F, rain, and dust. This will protect the cameras as they monitor the Pavilion's parking lots and outdoor venues.

The Optica P218Z PTZ camera offers a full 360 degree view, with 18x optical zoom. The PTZ controls are managed by a security officer in the control room, who can move the cameras using a joystick to focus in on suspicious activity.

Desbiens says the new cameras make it "easy to identify facial characteristics of people" and are so clear he could basically read a text message on someone's phone

Easy Video Exports with Milestone Software

Milestone's user friendly software is accessible from a smartphone for instant video access.

With their old CCTV system, exporting video was a labor-intensive process. Videos were taken directly from each camera, requiring Desbiens and his team to drive out to each individual camera. With cameras installed at both parking lot entrances, along with the large midway, this process could take all day.

Each time an incident occurred, security personnel at Bank of New HampshirePavilion could spend hours physically gathering files from the cameras. Because they couldn't preview files before exporting, it was difficult to export only the video of the incident, and police would then have to search through un-related video to pinpoint the scene they needed.

With the new Milestone system, it takes just minutes to find and export a video file. They can search for all recordings during the time an incident occurred, reviewing all their cameras in one place, and then directly export only to relevant files directly onto a USB thumb drive to hand over to law enforcement. Desbiens has found this process easy to use, explaining that it "saved time, without a doubt."

Benefits of Supported Self Installation

Prior to sending out the system, technical support configured the entire system, allowing the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion staff to easily install and set up the system once it arrived.

Supported Self Installation is a popular choice with IT departments tasked with installing and managing a video surveillance system, because it allows them to save time and money handling the installation themselves, but with the remote support and assistance of only a phone call or email away.

If you're an IT director managing a video surveillance system installation, you can learn more about this process in our Information Technology Guide to Video Surveillance whitepaper.

Desbiens called in to technical support once during the installation and setup process, and found the process quick and efficient; the technical support team was able to remotely log into his system, identify the problem, and resolve it without any delays.

Surveillance System Already Used by Law Enforcement

With such large crowds at the concerts, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion works with law enforcement on investigations including theft, unauthorized entry, fighting, and assault.

Within the first six months of using the new surveillance system, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion had exported almost a dozen videos for police. Even more investigations are currently pending. The ease of finding video files in the new system has made the process faster for both staff at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion and local law enforcement, allowing them to follow up on more cases than before.

In addition, the Pavilion's security forces can react instantly to disruptive activity they see on the live camera feeds. This ability to quickly respond keeps concert-goers safe at events. There is always someone stationed to monitor the camera feeds and manage the PTZ cameras; when disturbances are found security guards can be notified over their radios within seconds. This has helped to quell violence, as security can step in and remove aggravated guests before fights break out.


  • Faster Incident Response Time
  • Improve Video Image Quality
  • Easier Video Export Process




  • October 2014
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