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Join Our Email - Special Offers & New Product Info adds 4-channel IP Camera Systems for easy and effective IP-based surveillance

Published by Dan on January 7, 2010 2:36 PM

We're pleased to announce a new series of 4-channel IP Camera Systems now available in the online store. Each of these all-in-one camera systems features everything you need to install an effective surveillance solution that allows for remote monitoring, easy video management and recording. If you're looking for an affordable IP surveillance package that you can get up and running right out of the box, we encourage you to check out these offerings.

4-channel Entry IP Camera System

The new IP camera systems are available in six different combinations in order to meet varying needs. Choose between PC or NVR-based systems. Our PC systems are extremely easy to set up. Each comes with four IP cameras and bundled software that allows you to view all cameras simultaneously. You can even monitor your cameras remotely from any PC with an internet connection.

Our NVR systems include a powerful network video recorder offering 750 GB of storage for long-term recording and video archiving. The NVR also comes equipped with built-in video management software offering powerful features such as a web-based interface for configuration, monitoring and playback. Users have a variety of recording options, including continuous, manual and scheduled recording, as well as alarm recording triggered by motion detection or a sensor.

4-channel Entry IP Camera System with PoE and NVR

For added flexibility in camera placement, we give you the option of using network cameras with Power over Ethernet or wireless connectivity. PoE cameras receive power and deliver data using a single Ethernet cable. This reduces installation costs and allows you to install the cameras just like any other network device. For even great flexibility, choose wireless network cameras which eliminate the complications of cabling, and can be positioned in virtually any location.

Wireless 4-channel Entry IP Camera System with NVR

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