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Announcing the new Forums!

Published by Jennifer on February 13, 2008 10:01 AM

We're pleased to unveil a new, easier to use version of the forums! We've upgraded to a new version of forum software that should make it easier to read and discuss about video surveillance issues that matter. Some improvements:

  • Registration. It was a little difficult to register before - we've added a step that will allow you to start posting immediately after you submit your information.

  • Organization. Our new forums are better organized and have dynamic features that allow for better and easier sharing of links and images, and longer threads of conversation.

  • More information. We're constantly updating our site with new and relevant information about applications, manufacturers, cameras, and more - and now our forums reflect these changes.

We tried to move all the existing posts and users over from the older software to our new forums. We're sorry if we missed your information - click here to register again and start posting right away!

The forums are the perfect place to discuss the ever-changing world of IP cameras, security systems, and recording technology - from the standpoint of manufacturers AND from practical applications. Come here first for the newest and best information and advice on CCTV and network cameras.

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