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Video storage and archival with network camera systems

Published by Amelia on January 26, 2011 10:03 AM

The simplicity of video storage and archival with IP camera systems is a definite upgrade from the days of bulky cassette tapes that came along with analog surveillance. IP-based surveillance systems have the ability to store video footage straight to a hard disk which improves storage capacity and enhances searching capabilities.

With a network camera system it's easy to zero in on the footage you want to review. Images are stored digitally and surveillance operators can quickly sort through archived footage by time and date. Users can even add reference tags to make it easier to speedily access the images needed.

When setting up a surveillance system it's important to think about how much hard disk space you will need for your specific surveillance applications. A few key considerations include how many IP cameras you will be operating, whether the cameras will be recording continuously or on an event triggered basis, how long the footage is going to be stored on the hard disk, and what level image quality you will be using. Taking these factors into consideration will help you optimize network bandwidth and storage space.

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