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Video analytics on the rise as technology improves

Published by Dan on July 27, 2007 11:23 AM

While the use of security cameras has increased significantly over the years, and video surveillance equipment is more advanced than ever before, security specialists are still hard at work trying to find ways to make the cameras more intelligent. The goal, essentially, is to create cameras with brains. Right now the focus is on video analytics. IP cameras and video recorders which utilize video analytics are able to spot specific predetermined activity thanks to sophisticated software algorithms. Examples include advanced motion detection, facial or behavioral recognition, people counting, and even spotting situations where an object is left behind, or a car is parked too long in a certain location.

Video analytics are especially useful for areas considered to be terrorist threats, which is why so much time, money, and effort is being put into getting these systems right. It's about spotting a potential threat, such as an act of terror, in its early stages, or before it can even begin. While current systems have proven effective at documenting a scene for later investigation, the ultimate goal is to have cameras so advanced they can alert security personnel of a threat at its onset.

To get an idea of how various locations such as subways, ports and world-famous monuments are already using this exciting technology, check out this cool slideshow on

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