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Video analytics technology brings a convergence between physical and IT security

Published by Dan on January 29, 2009 3:26 PM

With the advent of video analytics, there has grown an increasing need to meld physical and IT security when it comes to video surveillance. Back in the day, a traditional video surveillance setup would typically require operators to monitor multiple video screens, each displaying the view from an individual camera. A pretty simple set up, in a simpler time. Flash forward to the present and we have incredibly sophisticated technology at our disposal - technology that can greatly increase the effectiveness of our video surveillance systems, while benefiting from IT-style analysis.

The aim of most video analytics applications is to capture suspicious activity as it develops. While it's great to have visual evidence after the fact, it's even better to have a surveillance system that can stop a crime before it happens. Video analytics software enables computers to read video output from security cameras and trigger alerts and other actions when certain activities are perceived. Examples include sophisticated motion detection, left objects, and facial recognition. This is where IT security comes into play. While video surveillance has been seen as a form of physical security up until this point, we are now seeing the need to incorporate IT tools in order to properly sort through the video streams in search of these different types of threats. Tools are now surfacing that can analyze the digitized output from cameras in real time to differentiate normal activity from abnormal activity. And with this technology, video surveillance systems can send alerts even without a physical operator monitoring the footage. It's just one of the many ways video surveillance systems are becoming smarter as technology improves.

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