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Video Management Software Archives

Published by Marie on December 18, 2015 10:37 AM

Remote-Monitoring-Blog-Image-12-17-15.jpgOne of the most important benefits of modern IP video surveillance systems is the flexibility in video management - using the power of the internet you can log into your system and see surveillance video at any time whether you are at work or not.

Remote monitoring allows you to monitor and manage your surveillance system from a computer anywhere with an internet connection using port forwarding (learn how to set up port forwarding). A mobile app, on the other hand, allows you to log into your system using a smart phone.

There are mobile apps for remotely managing your video surveillance system for both iPhone and Android systems. In addition, several leading manufacturers have mobile apps, including:

While specific features will vary between remote and mobile applications and manufacturer, in general you will be able to view live and recorded video and manage alerts. This gives managers and security staff greatly increased flexibility in how and when they respond to issues back at work if they are off-site for other projects, get notifications late at night or on the weekends, or on vacation.

Learn more about mobile and remote monitoring.

Published by Marie on November 12, 2015 10:51 AM

License-Plate-Recognition-Image-10-12-15.jpgLicense plate recognition, or LPR, is an incredibly useful software feature that allows you to track traffic, control entry into your business, find stolen vehicles, and much more. But do you know how LPR works and when to use it?

License plate recognition software is based on a database - your camera captures video of the license plate numbers and then either stores it for later use, or compares it to an existing database. For example:

  • Secured & gated entrances, such as military bases or permit-based parking garages, will automatically compare each approaching vehicle's license plate to a database of authorized personnel, and only open the gates if that license plate number is on the list
  • Parking enforcement officials can record cars as they enter and park, giving them a video to refer to if cars go over the time limit or attempt in and out parking
  • Police and other law officials can review local traffic videos to search for the license plates of stolen vehicles or suspected cars in other crimes

To record these videos, however, you'll need a specialized system and camera setup. This includes:

  • Video management software with advanced options for license plate recognition
  • Cameras installed in locations that are at the right height to record license plates
  • Low speed limits for oncoming traffic, so the camera has long enough to focus on each car as it approaches
  • Proper lighting, either external or built-in IRs, to combat harsh overhead lighting in parking garages or dark shadows in underground structures

LPR is available on a wide range of video management software, including industry leading Milestone. Their Milestone XProtect LPR software includes database searching, filtering, and sorting, along with alarms if your system detects an unknown or blacklisted license plate.

Learn more about license plate recognition.

Published by Ellen on November 11, 2013 8:13 AM

If you're a business owner or shop manager, keeping your business safe and shielded against theft and break-ins is a chief priority during the holiday season. Particularly in the retail and cargo industry, having the right security plan is critical to ensuring that your business doesn't become a target.

Knowing the most effective elements of what comprises a security plan will help you both prevent and catch thieves. The threat of outside theft is not the only concern; employee theft is another common crime to watch out for. Investing in an indoor/outdoor video surveillance system is by far the most important piece of your holiday security plan.

Here are a few tips to remember when shopping or upgrading your security camera system for the holiday season:

IP Video: You'll get much more out of an IP (Internet-based) video system than you would with CCTV video. These versatile security camera systems are powered over the Ethernet, thereby requiring fewer cables to operate. What's more is that with IP video, you're able to access and view live and recorded video directly from a smartphone or tablet so you can stay with your system wherever you go. Unlike CCTV systems, IP video offers HD and megapixel resolution for clearer images.

HD Video Resolution: Many business professionals aren't aware of just how crucial HD video resolution can be to identifying key details. Often, retailers and other businesses vulnerable to theft aren't able to properly identify the thief due to poor quality images. Older systems that have CCTV cameras deliver low video resolution, making it virtually impossible to see physical characteristics and other noteworthy details.

Network video recorder: A network video recorder (NVR) will allow you to control, view, and store video for up to several days or months (depending on storage size). This is necessary for storing video evidence lest you need to go back and review earlier footage. Many of the top NVRs today come with high-tech video analytics to improve camera performance. Talk to our IP video experts at to learn what type of NVR is right for you.

There's a lot more to know and learn when it comes to securing your business. Leave it to us to help you find the most optimal, and economically priced video surveillance system you can find. We'll listen to your needs, and make a qualified recommendation that suits your application and budget.

In the meantime, you can learn more about specific retail security tactics and solutions on our Retail Industry Page.


Published by Amelia on August 15, 2011 2:43 PM

SecuritySpy, a multi-camera video surveillance software solution for the Mac platform recently released SecuritySpy 2.1, an update to their previous software version. SecuritySpy comes with features that include motion detection, real-time compression of multiple video and audio feeds, remote monitoring, and more.

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Published by Ellen on December 9, 2010 12:27 PM

For Mac users looking for a video management platform, Security Spy provides a multi-camera IP software solution compatible with Mac computers. Easy-to-setup, Security Spy, when combined with IP cameras, creates an effective surveillance system with a host of intuitive features including digital recording and remote monitoring.

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Published by Dan on January 29, 2009 3:26 PM

With the advent of video analytics, there has grown an increasing need to meld physical and IT security when it comes to video surveillance. Back in the day, a traditional video surveillance setup would typically require operators to monitor multiple video screens, each displaying the view from an individual camera. A pretty simple set up, in a simpler time. Flash forward to the present and we have incredibly sophisticated technology at our disposal - technology that can greatly increase the effectiveness of our video surveillance systems, while benefiting from IT-style analysis.

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Published by Dan on June 3, 2008 3:37 PM

The switch from analog to digital video surveillance has caused quite a stir in the industry. We've already discussed the rise of IP cameras and their expected growth in the coming years. Another area that's expected to grow exponentially is the video surveillance software market. A recent study by ABI Research predicts video surveillance software revenue to grow fourfold by 2013.

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