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Two-way Audio Feature Facilitates Conversation between IP Camera and Intruder

Published by Ellen on April 26, 2012 3:45 PM

Network camera systems are continually evolving, and who knows, perhaps in the next five years, security cameras will come equipped with built-in robotic arms that can actually identify and handcuff the prowler until the authorities arrive at the scene of the crime. However, until the day comes, we'll remain forever grateful for the superior alarm and event management analytics that the IP security cameras include in their settings.

One feature that caught our attention was two-way audio, a communication tool useful for indoor applications like homes, retail storefronts, warehouses, data centers, and schools. The Vivotek IP8133, Axis P3367-V , Vivotek IP7160, and ACTi ACM-3401 IP are examples of IP cameras that have two-way audio.

You can easily upgrade your entire security system by investing in an IP camera that communicates directly with your intruder to alert them that they've been caught. Once the camera has established that a trespasser has been detected and is in view of the camera's monitor, the camera can actually speak to the person. The following video, provided by IP camera manufacturer Axis, demonstrates how this technology is executed:

While the vandal-proof camera spouts off such memorable quotes as "You have been caught on camera. The owner has been notified of your presence," or "You cannot destroy me. Put down the sledgehammer," the owner of the system simultaneously receives an alert via call, text, or email with real-time video footage of the break-in. At this point, the system owner has the option of communicating directly with the trespasser from a speaker-enabled computer to make certain it's not a false alarm. This information will then help the owner decide if the police should be called for further action.

You can read more about two-way audio and other types of alarm and event management settings in A Retailer's Guide to Video Surveillance, a white paper that will be released in the next month highlighting the most common cases of theft within the retail industry and the most effective surveillance strategies to reduce annual theft loss.

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