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What are Mini Surveillance Cameras?

Published by Ellen on April 30, 2015 2:50 PM

Typically, mini (or often referred to as covert) video surveillance cameras are meant to blend in with their surroundings and prevent bystanders from noticing their presence. They're very helpful if there's a problem or a situation that needs constant monitoring, but for one reason or another, you as the owner of the camera do not want attention called to it.

For example, if you suspect an employee is stealing in a particular area of an office or store, you might consider installing a mini surveillance camera in the vicinity to catch the person in the act. If the camera is there and noticeable, i.e. it's not a mini camera, then the person who may have stolen before might stop suddenly and you will not have the evidence you need to prosecute the individual.

Mini or covert security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even disguised as other objects such as smoke detectors. Whether you're trying to monitor for illegal activity or simply don't want your cameras to stand out then a mini camera might be the best option for your application. Remember to consider the features they offer such as night and day functionality, HD video resolution, resistance against vandalism, and wide dynamic range. showcases a wide variety of mini and covert cameras to meet the needs of applications in search of extremely small video surveillance cameras. To see our full selection, visit our page here and learn about their features and advantages. .

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