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Should I get a Dome Camera?

Published by Ellen on March 10, 2015 8:40 AM

Dome cameras are ideal if you don't want your camera to stand out to employees, customers, or visitors. They're considerably less noticeable than bullet and box cameras, especially if flush-mounted or drop-mounted. This particular style entails a fixed or PTZ camera installed inside a dome enclosure, giving it a discreet and unassuming appearance.

How do you know if dome cameras are right for your project? Ask yourself a few questions to help determine if dome cameras are a good fit. Here are some example questions to ask yourself--if you find yourself saying "No" to all of them, then you definitely want to check out our selection of dome cameras.

1. Do I want my customers to see the camera(s) immediately? If you have employees, a better question might be: Do you want your employees to be distracted by the camera(s)?

2. Do I want the camera to have a prominent appearance?

3. Do I prefer bold or low-profile camera styles?

If you do decide to purchase a dome camera, we recommend a camera with a varifocal lens to adjust the camera's field of view as needed. A fixed lens will limit the field of view to a particular area depending on where and how the camera is positioned.

Also worth noting is that dome cameras offer both weather-proof and vandal-resistant enclosures. If you're looking for an outdoor camera, you'll want a weather-proof dome camera. Vandal-resistant domes are perfect for high-security environments as they ensure the camera remains protected against physical abuse.

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