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New camera/recorder unit brings video surveillance to the great outdoors

Published by Dan on July 26, 2007 11:01 AM

One area that doesn't get much attention is outdoor surveillance. I'm not talking about outside the home or office, but rather, way... way outside, like in the woods, where there's no power, or protection from the elements. Such locations are trouble spots for anyone trying to employ video security for obvious reasons, and until recently, there wasn't really a reasonable way to provide it. Think about the park service, wildlife and game agencies, or ranchers as examples of potential users. There are outdoor video systems on the market, but most still require power. Recently however, Smarter Security unveiled their new Smarter DVR 100 as a way to solve this issue. The Smarter DVR 100 is a self-enclosed unit that's weatherproof and features a camera, recording device and battery power all built in.


The system operates using a rechargeable battery. An A/C adapter is used to recharge the battery, though an optional solar-panel kit allows users to charge it up on-site. Video footage is shot at a resolution of 640x480 and stored on an internal 4GB flash memory card, more than enough space to hold what the camera is capable of shooting before the battery runs out of juice. In order to conserve battery power, the camera can be programmed to record only when motion is detected, or at specific times.

The unit is kept waterproof thanks to a hardened plastic box which contains the system. A heat-based motion sensor turns the camera on, while the flash memory-based recording device operates without spinning parts -- an advantage in tough outdoor environments. Other features include infrared LEDs for capturing images at night, and an option for adding audio capabilities.

The aim of the Smarter DVR 100 is to serve more as a temporary surveillance device as opposed to a permanent installation since users have to retrieve the memory cards in order to view footage. The system works especially well for monitoring hard-to-reach outdoor areas where suspicious activity and potential threats have been reported, requiring closer inspection and visual evidence.