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Megapixel surveillance cameras on the rise

Published by Dan on February 7, 2008 8:50 AM

A recent report by IMS research anticipates that the market for megapixel security cameras will grow substantially in the coming years, at a compound annual rate of over 100 percent. That would equal approximately 250,000 megapixel cameras shipped in 2008, and over 2 million total megapixel network cameras sold by 2011. Improved technology is the main reason for this rise in popularity. The advantages of megapixel cameras are great, but it has taken time for the technology to overcome a few stumbling blocks. Now, it appears the megapixel market is poised to really take off.

One of the larger issues for megapixel cameras to overcome has been dealing with the size of the data transmissions. In order to optimize bandwidth to allow for such high-resolution video, improved compression algorithms have been developed. Also, gigabit Ethernet deployments have become more prevalent, and storage prices have dropped, making it easier to archive high-quality megapixel video footage.

The actual price of the cameras is also falling as more and more manufacturers develop megapixel product lines. The cost-effectiveness of these cameras extends to their performance, where, in many cases, a single megapixel camera can do the work of multiple traditional cameras because of the higher resolution and broader field of view.

In the next few years, the competition is expected to really heat up in the megapixel security camera market, which should result in better technology available at lower prices. As megapixel cameras become increasingly affordable, more and more end users will be reaping the rewards of this exciting surveillance technology.

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