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Exploring the benefits of H.264 video compression

Published by Dan on April 30, 2009 3:25 PM

The arrival of H.264 video compression is helping lay to rest any remaining concerns of those who still cling to the idea that analog CCTV systems compare favorably to their new IP-based counterparts. A typical worry amongst analog purists is the cost of network video storage and bandwidth. With H.264, those thoughts are quickly squelched. H.264 significantly reduces storage and bandwidth costs compared to previous compression technologies, making it even easier to capture and save the highest quality video footage without bogging down your network. That's the big key for H.264 compression: it provides high-quality video at a much lower bit rate so you can get the absolute most out of those high-resolution network cameras.

This falls right in line with the inevitable rise of megapixel IP cameras, which provide vastly superior resolution than traditional analog CCTV cameras. In fact, for many video installations, a single megapixel camera can monitor areas that would typically require multiple analog cameras. When you pair megapixel resolution with H.264 compression you get a winning combination, as H.264 allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of megapixel resolution while optimizing bandwidth and storage space.

Originally, H.264 was only available in high-end network cameras, but now we're seeing mid-range and even entry-level IP cameras such as the Axis M10 series supporting this exciting new video compression technology.

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