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Business Owners Should Use Video to Spot Cases of Slip and Fall Fraud

Published by Ellen on May 18, 2012 2:26 PM

Slip and fall fraud is big business. The fraudulent injury rose 12% in 2011 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Please note that we're referring to the slip and fall injury when it occurs on purpose. Unfortunately slip and falls do happen to innocent individuals who have no intention of exploiting their employers for their injuries. But with slip and fall fraud, it's the exact opposite.

Usually taking place in warehouses, retail storefronts, or restaurants/food chains, the person will plant an object or liquid directly on the floor. At that point, he or she will make themselves fall or appear as though they've fallen, and then proceed to make a scene so the owner or boss will think that a serious incident has occurred.


Business owners have liability insurance to protect themselves in situations exactly like this. However, sometimes they may think it's easier to simply pay the employee instead of reporting the incident to the insurance provider so their insurance rates don't increase. Why would they do this? To them, they think it's a less expensive, faster way of handling the mishap.

Fraudulent slip and fall cases tend to involve employees who demand large sums of money to cover medical expenses from their employers. For example, he or she will demand unreasonable amounts for a sprained ankle even if the employer already provides medical insurance. The employee may even threaten a lawsuit against the employer.

Employers would be well advised to invest in a video surveillance system that is used for the purpose of monitoring their employees. Should a slip and fall accident occur, an employer can go through recorded video and search for the incident to present to their insurer. It's a simple, effective solution that prevents these criminals from getting away with these money-making schemes.

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