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Antarctic Receiving Station uses Mobotix M12 cameras

Published by Margeaux on February 17, 2012 3:20 PM

Penguins and outdoor Mobotix cameras have one thing in common; they are both designed to endure extreme weather. Down in the Antarctic, Mobotix cameras have been used in frigid temperatures for the last decade.

Since 1991, scientists have been using O'Higgans, the German Antarctic Receiving Station, to collect data from satellites and stars. Rugged outdoor Mobotix cameras have been monitoring the station's radio antenna day and night for the last decade. If anything compromises its performance, video surveillance makes it easy to discern the problem.

Since installation, the outdoor cameras have performed without problem, even in temperatures as cold as -85° F and wind as strong as 155 miles per hour.

These days, the station is monitored by the Mobotix M12 camera with dual lenses and two progressive scan sensors. This high resolution camera produces 2048x1536 resolution images and features an internal DVR for onboard recording and local storage. With virtual PTZ, users can pan, tilt and zoom during live viewing and playback.

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