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Neighborhood Park in Plum, PA Installing Video Surveillance Cams

Published by Ellen on July 16, 2012 7:51 AM

A park located in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania will soon welcome the addition of security cameras after being vandalized several times in the last several months. Larry Mills Park, which is home to the area's community festival, has experienced multiple thefts and damage at nighttime according to authorities. Thieves responsible for the attacks have broken into the park's concession stands where they've stolen items and vandalized their exterior, costing the park thousands of dollars as a result.

Mike Thomas, Plum Borough's manager, sums up the park's damage: "We have a trailer down here for our community festival that we'll holding in a couple of weeks. They've destroyed that to the point that we're not going to be able to use it next year." Vandals also smashed the windows of a backhoe overnight. Thomas stated that the damage inflicted by vandals is estimated to be at around $20,000.

Larry Mills Park will spend roughly $15,000 on new video surveillance cameras in an attempt to not only deter crime, but to also catch anyone who tries to vandalize the property. Thomas notes that the park will invest in high-performance IP cameras: "High definition IP cameras, Internet protocol cameras will tie in through the Internet to the police department back at the borough building."

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