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NVR Archives

Published by Marie on March 20, 2015 3:43 PM

While you may be more familiar with the term DVR (digital video recorder), a main component of CCTV analog systems, NVRs and DVRs have different uses and are not the same thing.

Both a NVR and DVR are used to record and store video files from a security camera. Network video recorders (NVRs), however, are used with IP systems. NVRs are designed to work with the digital file format new IP cameras use to send and record video. A NVR, like the Milestone Husky M30, comes preloaded with video management software to help you manage and view your system.


A DVR, on the other hand, is older technology designed for use with CCTV analog surveillance systems. DVRs also come with system management software, and allow you to view your cameras. DVRs won't work with IP cameras, so you won't be able to easily add an IP camera without upgrading other parts of your system too.


As many organizations upgrade older CCTV systems with IP products, you can transition to hybrid products that work with both IP and analog cameras. A hybrid NVR, like the Milestone Husky M30 Hybrid, can connect to both IP and analog cameras, giving you all the benefits of an IP system without the cost of replacing every single camera.

You also have the option of using a video encoder instead of a hybrid NVR. Video encoders take the signal from analog cameras and turn them into the digital format used by a NVR so you can connect analog cameras to an IP system.

What type of technology is best for your system? Contact us today and we'll help you understand the options and recommend the best system for your surveillance needs.

Published by Ellen on August 12, 2013 11:46 AM

The demand for external and internal hard disk drives (HDDs) for video surveillance systems is expected to top $1 billion by 2017, an increase of 57% in four years. According to HIS, the burgeoning industry garnered sales of over $521 million in 2012. The market is slated to reach almost $639 million at the end of this year.

Network video recorders, digital video recorders, and video management software are the primary products that make up this market. For more on HDD industry trends, visit the IHS press release here.


Published by Ellen on June 24, 2013 8:56 AM

Smartvue, a leading developer of cloud surveillance services, is this year's recipient of the ESX Maximum Impact Award for best Video Surveillance System in the Video Security category. Smartvue's one-of-a-kind S9i cloud server is the company's latest innovation, offering small surveillance applications (i.e. users with up to 16 HD network or CCTV cameras) a cost-effective alternative over large-scale video management servers.

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Published by Ellen on July 16, 2012 7:51 AM

A park located in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania will soon welcome the addition of security cameras after being vandalized several times in the last several months. Larry Mills Park, which is home to the area's community festival, has experienced multiple thefts and damage at nighttime according to authorities. Thieves responsible for the attacks have broken into the park's concession stands where they've stolen items and vandalized their exterior, costing the park thousands of dollars as a result.

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Published by Margeaux on December 6, 2010 2:48 PM

We recently added two easy to use yet advanced Vivotek network video recorders to the NR8201 and the NR8301. The NR8201 is a 4-channel NVR that can record on a removable hard disk, an external hard disk and also a USB for backup. Meanwhile, the 8-channel NR8301 can record to a Raid 0 and 1 storage solution and on a USB interface for backup.

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