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Montebello surveillance system sets 'Tagger Trap' to cut down on graffiti

Published by Dan on November 16, 2007 3:52 PM

Police officials in Montebello, Calif. announced this week the successful installation of a surveillance system aimed at stopping graffiti taggers in their tracks. The new cameras use "Tagger Trap" technology, a sophisticated detection system that recognizes the ultrasonic frequency emitted by spray paint cans. When the act of graffiti is perceived, the cameras zoom in on pre-assigned target areas and send notification to authorities monitoring the scene from the police department.

This is cutting-edge stuff. In fact, according to Axium Technologies, creators of the technology, the Montebello Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in the U.S. to employ the Tagger Trap system. Anyone who knows the costs of cleaning up graffiti can see the benefits of such a system, especially in areas where graffiti is a continuous problem. What's the point of cleaning it up, if it's simply going to be tagged again the next day? In Montebello, the graffiti problem is so bad, officials felt it was well worth the cost of implementing the high tech camera system. Currently, about 20 cameras are operational. The long term goal is to eventually have upwards of 120 security cameras providing comprehensive surveillance throughout the city.

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