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Is digital video surveillance the next top commodity?

Published by Jennifer on August 29, 2007 10:17 AM

Worries over stocks, bonds, and a sagging housing market have peppered the news of late, and economic forecasts have been gloomy for nearly every industry - except video surveillance. Investment kingpins over at The Motley fool have predicted that the video surveillance market may be in for a boom.

Techwell, a Silicon Valley based semiconductor company, had faltering stock in the beginning of August but may be in for a comeback. Fool analyst Brian D. Pacampara thinks that surveillance is an industry that has major growth potential. Pacampara isn't alone - many surveillance experts think that the video surveillance industry will grow massively in the next few years as IP video slowly overtakes traditional CCTV technology.

IP video sales are anticipated to eclipse analog CCTV cameras and technology by 2011, and sales in the IP video surveillance industry are projected to top $6 billion in 2009. This staggering growth can be contributed to the newfound flexibility of IP surveillance technology. Unlike CCTV systems, which are restricted by bulky cabling and closed-circuit recording, IP video's flexibility and broadcasting ability makes it an appealing option.

Techwell's stocks, although they fell in early August, are strong - and currently beating the market. Does a strong economic future mean that the switch to IP may be coming sooner than we thought?

Read Pacampara's report on Techwell at the Motley Fool

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