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IP video to double by 2011

Published by Jennifer on March 22, 2007 2:22 PM

One of the hottest debates among security professionals today is the future of video surveillance. With two distinct and different types of cameras competing for a slice of the market - which will succeed?

Traditionalists claim that CCTV and analog cameras remain popular for several reasons

  1. Analog cameras are inexpensive
  2. CCTV has been successfully used for years without too many problems
  3. "Hybrid" systems using analog cameras and digital switchers and recording equipment are less expensive than purchasing an entirely new networked surveillance system
Proponents of IP video surveillance systems have many reasons why digital and intelligent video surveillance will soon become more popular than analog and hybrid systems:
  1. Price for systems will decrease as technology develops
  2. The quality of images and ease of use provided by IP systems is remarkably better than analog cameras
  3. IP cameras require much less maintenance and are much less expensive over time than CCTV systems
  4. Certain developing technologies (intelligent video, behavior predicting) make surveillance a more marketable technology for more fields, but are only possible in IP cameras and networked surveillance systems.
Many experts now agree that IP surveillance, growing steadily each year, will eclipse analog technology in the near future.

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