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IP camera advancements help bridge the gap between physical and network security

Published by Jennifer on February 15, 2008 11:19 AM

Early IP cameras had it rough - they were expensive, cumbersome, and usually shunned by network administrators for their possible security issues. This paradox - that a security camera could pose serious network security issues itself - was at the center of the IP camera debate for many years.

Now, thanks to new types of embeddable and encrypted technology, IP cameras and network security seem to be meeting, making the cameras a much more viable and popular solution.

Network security options for IP cameras now include embedded hardware acceleration chips that assist encryption. These chips have been around for several years, but only recent improvements in chip technology and encryption issues have made them a viable option for security cameras. Before, there would be a noticeable lag between filming and encryption - now it's nearly insignificant. Growing network teams at large corporations and geometric growth in network technology and research have also helped IP cameras boost their network security.

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