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Incorporating audio into your video surveillance system

Published by Amelia on August 17, 2011 10:44 AM

For many surveillance applications, having access to audio enhances the results that security cameras provide. Many IP camera models offer audio support with either built-in microphones that allow camera operators to listen in on areas under surveillance, or with two-way audio communication using a microphone and an external speaker.

Equipping your video surveillance system with audio is as simple as hooking up your cameras. Audio is transmitted across the network the same way video footage is. With the built-in or external microphone the camera captures the audio, integrates it into the video stream, and streams it over the network for monitoring and recording.

Audio footage can also be accessed from remote locations. System users can monitor and listen in on areas within the range of the cameras. If there is a two-way audio setup, you can even talk to individuals under the camera's watch. Those IP cameras can even be programmed to deliver recorded messages informing potential threatening individuals that they are being watched.

Some IP cameras are also equipped with audio detection, a useful function that triggers recording when the audio level reaches a certain mark. Audio detection can also be used to trigger alarms and send alerts.