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How the Camera Lens Impacts Surveillance Video

Published by Marie on December 3, 2014 10:08 AM

Surveillance cameras use different camera lenses to record different styles of video, the same way you would use different lenses on a camera while taking photos to achieve different effects. The location of your surveillance camera, and the scene it's monitoring, will help you determine which lens type is best.

A fixed lens does not move, so you cannot change the field of view or focal length. This type of lens will record normal video, similar to what a human eye would see. A varifocal lens is adjustable, allowing you to adapt the camera to its location for the best video quality. A zoom lens is also adjustable, but is designed to remain in focus while moving the focal point.

Whether you want to record large-area wide angle video or super focused telephoto video for facial or license plate recognition, learn more about security camera lenses.

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