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How PoE Can Simplify Installation

Published by Marie on March 26, 2015 10:45 AM

Power over Ethernet (also known as PoE) is an easy way to provide your cameras both power and network connection using a single cable. This sounds easy and convenient, but do you know how it really works?

IP cameras wired for PoE have a specialized power switch, which can use the power sent over an Ethernet cord to power the camera while providing network connection. A non-PoE camera would simple get the network connection from the same cable, and require an additional power cord.

How can this help with installation? Running only one cable makes your system less complicated, and gives you more flexibility in camera placement. You won't be limited by the nearest power outlet, or deal with the added cost of installing new outlets closer to your camera location.

Learn more about the benefits of PoE.

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