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Cell phone surveillance - Can you see me now? How 'bout now?

Published by Dan on May 15, 2007 2:44 PM

At this year's IFSEC show, 3rdi will showcase an innovative portable surveillance system that allows remote viewing via cell phone. The centerpiece of the system is a small interactive camera that can be placed anywhere. Especially useful for homeowners in search of a cost-effective video surveillance solution, this handy gadget is an intriguing choice due to its small stature and convenient remote monitoring capabilities.

The camera uses infrared and motion sensors to detect movement. Upon perceiving activity, such as a burglar raiding the mantel for candlesticks, it immediately sends a text message alert to the user's cell phone. The user can then view real-time streaming footage or access archived images of the events that triggered the alert via cell phone. The 3rdi control center will store recordings for up to 30 days, so the footage can still be accessed in the days and weeks following an event if the phone happens to be turned off at the time of an alert.

The 3rdi camera system works on mobile phone networks, requiring registration for airtime use and a monthly payment plan.


For more info, and to view a video demo, visit 3rdi...

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