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Wireless surveillance network installed at Page Municipal Airport

Published by Dan on September 10, 2008 4:00 PM

Arizona's Page Municipal Airport recently upgraded its video surveillance system to better protect the 60,000 tourists expected to pass through its gates this year. The new airport surveillance system features IP cameras operating over a wireless mesh network. The network also supports access control and a connection to a remote command center accessible to local-area police.

City officials plan on using the wireless surveillance network to provide police and airport security personnel with tools to increase their presence, improve response times, and deter crime. 15 surveillance cameras are now in place to monitor high-traffic areas within the airport. Surveillance footage is streamed in real-time both to an operations center within the airport and also a local police station. Police are able to view live and recorded footage remotely, which helps to improve response times during emergency situations. City officials are also considering expanding the wireless mesh network to provide video surveillance of water and wastewater plants.

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