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Startling surveillance footage reveals driver misconduct on San Francisco's Muni buses

Published by Dan on February 1, 2008 10:12 AM

There are a number of factors which help make the case for video surveillance on buses and other forms of public transportation. Security cameras can protect passengers and drivers from acts of violence. They can prove useful in identifying criminal suspects, and they can serve as deterrents to inappropriate behavior. In San Francisco, recently released surveillance footage highlights another benefit of video security on buses - monitoring driver behavior. The videos, which shed light on driver misconduct within the city's Muni bus system, include instances of accidents, injuries, threats, and insults.

Muni only saves video footage on file when it involves serious incidents. The archives include footage on 25 drivers that has been saved for disciplinary purposes. Some of the more shocking examples include a driver pulling away while kids are still trying to board through the back door of the bus, and the same driver insulting a handicapped passenger, then refusing to pick her up on a separate instance.

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