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Stage Buses Roll Towards Digital Video Surveillance Solution

Published by Dan on April 27, 2007 9:31 AM

Many public transit systems across the country are turning to video surveillance as a way to increase safety for passengers and drivers. Such is the case in Summit County, Colo. where county commissioners are moving forward on a proposed project that will result in the installation of digital surveillance equipment on all Summit Stage buses.

In the past year, there have been a number of reported incidents involving harassment of passengers, violence, and assaults of drivers. Several of these cases were taken to court, and more often than not, the cases were plea bargained down or the charges were dropped entirely due to the lack of any kind of evidence. Such results can't be very comforting for bus drivers and passengers.

But with the installation of video surveillance on Stage buses, county commissioners are expecting that recorded evidence will be a significant aid to law enforcement, and public safety as a whole will increase. All 32 buses will be outfitted with video surveillance cameras and digital recording equipment, and digital recording systems will also be installed in two area transit centers that have fallen prey to criminal activity and vandalism. The onboard cameras will be used to spot incidents such as public drunkenness, violent behavior, assaults, vandalism, and inappropriate conduct.

For large Stage buses, the surveillance installation will include eight security cameras that provide views out the front window, along the sides and back of the bus, as well as multiple views of the bus' interior. Drivers will have a monitor for viewing, and will be able to switch back and forth between camera views. In cases of emergency, or if an incident seems ready to transpire, the driver will be able to press a button to instantly record the activity as it happens.

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