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San Diego transit system expands trolley and bus surveillance

Published by Dan on March 24, 2008 9:18 AM

San Diego's Metropolitan Transit System is poised to roll out an expanded system of onboard security cameras for its buses and trolleys. The aim is to equip all buses and trolleys with surveillance cameras and digital video recorders within the next two years. A federal grant will pay for the cameras as well as the installation.

The initial installation will provide cameras for 220 buses and 11 trolleys. Each bus will be equipped with seven surveillance cameras, while each trolley will have six. Video images and audio from inside and outside the vehicles will be recorded and kept for several days. Drivers will also be able to push a button to mark the video for download if there's a crash or notable event in need of review or investigation.

The San Diego transit system is considering equipping the system with wireless antennas so that officers and guards will be able monitor activity on the move, using laptops. They're also applying for additional grants to complete installation of cameras on the transit systems remaining trolleys and buses.

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