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Product Spotlight: AXIS 209FD-R IP Surveillance Camera

Published by Jennifer on March 15, 2007 1:27 PM

One of the fastest growing markets for IP surveillance technology is public transportation. Buses, subways, transit depots and stations have been targets for vandalism, theft and violence for many years. Analog CCTV systems were installed in many cities with a mild degree of success, but their cumbersome equipment and limited technological capabilities made them an ineffective security solution.

AXIS communications has released the 209FD-R IP surveillance camera, the first IP camera specifically tailored to fit the needs of public transportation systems. One of the most important elements of effective surveillance in public transportation is the ability for your cameras to cover all visible areas of the seating area. The 209FD-R’s small size â€" only 4cm (1.5 inches) tall â€" allows it to fit nearly anywhere on a bus or subway. The small size ensures that multiple cameras can be placed strategically in each seating area or station to ensure that all susceptible areas are covered by the camera’s field. It’s also equipped with durable, tamper-resistant casing that can withstand wide ranges in temperature, making the 209FD-R perfect for surveillance in the hottest or coolest of weather, indoors or outdoors.

Surveillance of public transportation has shown to be an effective and important public safety measure. Surveillance cameras in London helped identify the men at fault for the subway bombings of 2005. In Boston, surveillance cameras on the MBTA have increased the likelihood that an onboard mugger or vandal will be caught based on evidence from surveillance footage.
Public transportation is one example of how IP surveillance is changing the way that security cameras work. Before IP, analog security cameras and CCTV were ineffective at best when it came to protecting buses, subways and their riders and operators. Now, these small, flexible solutions are making it easy to protect the previously inconceivable.

The first city to implement the AXIS 209FD-R IP Surveillance System is Stockholm, Sweden, where five to six of these revolutionary cameras will be installed on all 2,000 of the city's buses. Look for it from your security wholesaler in early April.

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