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Maryland Transit surveillance system equipped for 'exception detection'

Published by Dan on November 13, 2007 1:08 PM

Using funds from the Department of Homeland Security, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) will soon upgrade its surveillance equipment at select stations to include video analytics, or "exception detection," as they're calling it. Exception detection systems use sophisticated software to detect suspicious activities such as unattended packages, dubious individuals, and other potential threats.

By employing video analytics, the software is able to screen footage from multiple security cameras and present security personal with images from the cameras which are detecting the most likely threats. This is a tremendous tool for security personnel attempting to continuously monitor multiple camera feeds. Exception detection ensures that the most suspect activity is funneled directly to their attention.

The new video monitoring equipment will be used at stations in the Baltimore Metro subway, the light rail system, and the MARC commuter train service. The cameras will focus on platforms, surrounding areas and equipment, and can be viewed and controlled remotely from a central monitoring facility. The system is expected to be up and running by early 2008.

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