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Emergency responders hope to gain real-time access to highway traffic cameras

Published by Dan on February 4, 2008 9:17 AM

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is working on a project that will enable emergency responders to access video streams from highway traffic cameras in real time. The DOT would transmit the video feeds to a central, web-based source, making the live footage viewable over the Internet. Once in place, the new system will provide responders with the ability to see what's going on along I-95 so they can move faster and dispatch the proper personnel and equipment in cases of emergency.

Traffic cameras are becoming more and more common, especially on busy highways. In many cases, the cameras are used for analyzing traffic patterns, and to allow commuters to check on driving conditions before hitting the road. In Connecticut, highway traffic cameras along I-95 are already viewable to the public online, but the footage is not always available in real time, and it's occasionally blacked out when serious accidents occur. The proposed project would give emergency responders full access to the traffic camera footage as it happens.

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