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Why Surveillance Video is Important after an Accident

Published by Marie on April 9, 2015 9:30 AM

A recent accident at a local Portland, OR game store has highlighted the importance of video surveillance systems. Red Caste Games was hit by a suspected drunk driver earlier this month, and the entire thing was caught by the store's surveillance cameras.

In the video you can see the moments leading up to the accident, the driver running away, and the extent of the damage to the store. Read more about the accident on Red Castle Game's website.

While no business owner wants to think this will happen to his or her store, recommends always being prepared. This includes installing a surveillance system to capture all accidents, crimes, and suspicious behavior to protect your business. This video highlights several things your business should look for in a surveillance system:

  • High definition resolution, for clear video even with fast moving objects
  • Wide angle of view, to capture as much of the scene as possible
  • Camera locations that can monitor the cash register & store entrances

In addition, surveillance video can be essential proof of a crime or damages when pursing legal charges or filing an insurance claim.

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