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Retail stores embracing IP surveillance and video analytics

Published by Dan on April 28, 2008 9:34 AM

A recent study conducted by IMS Research indicates the retailers in Europe are really starting to warm up to the idea of IP-based surveillance as a superior alternative to analog CCTV systems. The growth in popularity of IP cameras for the retail market has to do with a number of factors, including lower installation costs, and exciting features such as video analytics that can serve additional functions beyond video security.

Many IP cameras operate using Power over Ethernet (PoE), which helps to reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for complicated wiring. Power to the camera is delivered, along with data transmissions, over a single Ethernet cable. This also allows for more flexible placement.

Another advantage of IP cameras for retailers is remote video monitoring. With IP surveillance, video images from multiple stores can be viewed remotely from an outside location. The ability to monitor multiple sites at the same time is a huge benefit.

For retail stores requiring extremely clear and detailed images, IP cameras with megapixel resolution are an excellent option. Megapixel cameras offer improved picture quality that can prove invaluable when it comes to identifying individuals and details such as license plate numbers and suspicious objects.

Additionally, many retailers are beginning to realize the benefits of video analytics - advanced algorithms that can detect specific actions and events - not only in terms of providing enhanced video security, but also as a tool for studying customer behavior, increasing sales, and improving efficiency.

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