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Retail and transportation surveillance cameras offer more than just security, report says

Published by Dan on October 9, 2008 10:07 AM

ABI Research has released a new report that showcases some of the other areas where video surveillance can help both the retail and transportation sectors beyond just security. While security cameras are now commonplace in transportation areas such as airports, train stations, subways and buses, some of the overlooked benefits of these cameras include their ability to document accidents, gauge commuter travel patterns, and even disprove false injury claims.

In retail environments, cutting down on shoplifting is the chief concern of a video surveillance system, but there are plenty of other ways security cameras come into play. Store surveillance cameras are often used for market research. They can determine what types of retail displays are most effective, and with new video analytics technology, they can even track when items are picked up and set down, and can also analyze customer traffic patterns within a store. This provides retail store with useful information that can help determine the most optimal store layouts for increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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