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National Retail Security Survey shows video surveillance is more important than ever

Published by Amelia on June 25, 2009 9:23 AM

Video surveillance is more important than ever, especially in light of the results of the National Retail Security Survey released this week. According to the survey which showed preliminary results from 2008, the rate of retail theft has increased for the first time in six years. The lowest rate was reported in 2007 at 1.44 percent of retail sales, 2008 saw the number increase to 1.52 percent, a $36.5 billion loss.

Many retailers have been forced to cut back in the harsh economic climate with many consumers cutting their spending. Security cutbacks created opportune environments for theft to take place. While the majority of the losses came from employee theft (44 percent of total sales), shoplifting also accounted for a large chunk (35 percent).

These losses could in part be prevented by installing video surveillance systems to monitor and review store operations. Retail stores are a prime target for theft. Strategically placed cameras can help to protect merchandise and profits, as well as the clientele in the store. Video surveillance systems are easy to install and can help to improve the overall image of the store. With the addition of a network video recorder (NVR) video can also be monitored remotely by broadcasting it over the Internet. This can be especially useful for stores that have multiple locations.

There are several key areas that cameras can be used to help protect merchandise and customers. Video systems placed at entrances and exits help to keep track of who comes into the store. Since employee theft accounts for the majority of reported shrinkage, stock rooms and storage areas can be monitored using cameras. Any areas where valuable merchandise is on display, such as jewelry or electronics, are also important areas of surveillance focus. The sales floor should also be covered by cameras placed at different angles to help get a bigger picture of all of the areas of the store.

The technology is constantly improving. Now there is software available that helps to detect suspicious behavior. Video analysis software helps to detect unusual behaviors and can track potential shoplifters throughout the store.

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