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Gas station surveillance camera catches deadly explosion

Published by Jennifer on May 6, 2008 3:29 PM

Gas station security cameras usually watch over the parking lot and attached store, monitoring for loitering kids or the occasional gas thief. A camera perched atop the service station at a Sam's Club in Pinellas Park, FL recently got much more than that in the middle of the night.

A violent explosion of unknown origins rocked this sleepy Tampa-area neighborhood on April 26, destroying a business and nearby homes. The only witness? That lone security camera at the service station. It's placement on top of the building allowed the camera to record the explosion as it happened, and has served as an accurate portrayal of the mysterious disaster that happened that night.

We often think of surveillance cameras being the objective witness in the context of a robbery or other crime, but this Tampa security camera has proved that a surveillance camera, even one that's supposed to watch over a gas station, can provide a valuable window into disasters like this.